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This powerful integration between Order Time Inventory and PayInvoice provides you with a complete solution for managing your inventory and payments seamlessly. Say goodbye to manual data entry and hello to payment automation.

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✨ Key Benefits of the PayInvoice Integration ✨

  • With one click send invoices from PayInvoice's Extension

  • Receive payments through the PayInvoice platform - Web App Video

  • Set up automatic reordering and payment reminders

  • Enhances the existing payment features within Order Time 

Send Pay Now Links

🎯 Top PayInvoice Features 🎯 

  1. Send invoices with ‘Pay Now’ links

  2. Automate payment reminders via email or text

  3. Self-service customer portal for your customers to manage payments

  4. Easy Text to Pay feature

  5. Surcharge management for credit card payments

  6. Offer early payment discounts

  7. Collect late fees on past due invoices

  8. Custom payment links and buy buttons

  9. Mobile payment app with EMV card readers for iPhone and Android

  10. Auto-reconcile invoicing, collections, and reconciliation in one click

One Click Payment

🌟 The PayInvoice Way 🌟

Forget the old way of creating invoices: entering data into QuickBooks, sending invoices, following up, accepting payments, and reconciling the books. With PayInvoice, it's just ONE CLICK! Send invoices with a 'Pay Now’ link, schedule automated payment reminders, and automatically reconcile payments.