Order Time integrated with several e-commerce platforms.   The integration facilitates the coordination of  Order Time inventory management and your cart's web orders thus providing users fully automated experiences and giving better customer service.

Below are the benefits offered by e-commerce integration:

  • As orders are placed on your e-commerce site, those orders are automatically synched into your order management system. 
  • It streamlines data by filtering double data entry and data entry errors.
  • Setting up the Order Time system to pass information back and forth with your e-commerce website is easy to accomplish even if the configuration is multiple times a day.

The integration points between the e-commerce carts  and Order Time include the following:

  • Orders:  When a customer checkouts of their cart and places an order in the e-commerce site, we create a corresponding sales order in Order Time.        
  • Customers: When a customer checkouts of their cart and places an order, we will create or update the corresponding Customer in Order Time.  
  • Shipping Documents:   When the ship doc is marked as shipped,  we update the order status in the e-commerce cart together with the tracking number.
  • Inventory Stock Levels:  Inventory levels for your products on your cart will be updated automatically with the quantities from Order Time.

Shipping Documents and Inventory Stock Levels are optional and correspond to the optional checkboxes Update Order Status and Update Inventory. When updating inventory, you can select one or more location filters. When no inventory filters are selected, inventory from all locations will be shown.