3dcart Integration

3dcart Integration Setup

3dcart Shopping Cart is a complete e-commerce solution that caters to anyone looking to start an online business, add a shopping cart to their current website, or replace their existing shopping cart. With all the features, tools, support and technology needed to build, promote and grow your online business. 3dcart is the 'front end' application where your customers can view your products, place orders and monitor order status and Order Time is your 'back-end' system where orders, inventory and shipments are managed.

Generating Connection Credentials 

Below are the steps for getting 3dcart connection credentials: 

  1. Open a new tab or window on your browser and log in to your store manager. 
  2. Click Settings > General >Administrator Access. 
  3. Click the +Add New button if you are going to add new users or administrators. 
  4. Click Modules
  5. Select Rest API.
  6. Click Change Settings
  7. Click the +Add button on the upper right hand corner. 
  8. Enter the Public Key: a33b13e772402f9f182d8dbcc21cddd7. 
  9. Click +Add.
  10. A pop-up window will display the modules that you have selected and their permission settings. Click +Authorize
  11. Click Settings > General > Store Settings. Take note of the Secure URL.
  12. Send an email to support@ordertime.com with the Subject: Request for Password.   In the body of the email please indicate your secure URL from step 12.  We will send you the password as soon as possible.
  13. After you receive the password, proceed to adding the connection settings in Order Time.

Adding Connection Settings

To start adding and testing the connection settings:

  1. Click on the Gear icon to access the Admin screen.  
  2. Click Ecommerce Integration under the General section.  
  3. Select Active and click the Add Cart button.
  4. Select 3dcart by clicking its Add button.
  5. In the ECommerce Integration Editor page, enter and set the connection settings in the General tab.
  6. Website Name
    • Enter or assign a name for your website.
  7. API URL
    • Enter https://apirest.3dcart.com/3dCartWebAPI/v1/ for API URL.
  8. Username
    • Enter the Secure URL that you generated from Generating Connection Credentials > Step 12 above.
  9. Password
    • Enter the password that Order Time support provided. (Response to your password request from Generating Connection Credentials > Step 13 above.)
  10. Select what you need from the options provided by clicking the corresponding checkbox.
  11. Select at least one location if you want to limit the inventory to specific location(s).
  12. Click Test Connection.
  13. Click Save.