All Orders Mobile Overview


All Orders Mobile is a warehouse scanning tool on which you can:

  • Pick Sales Orders
  • Receive Purchase Orders
  • Count Inventory
  • Find, adjust and transfer inventory.

All Orders Mobile will make your warehouse operations more efficient. All Orders Mobile is installed on Windows based devices (see System Requirements below).  It can connect wirelessly to Order Time and then download sales orders to the device.  Once a sales order is picked, the picking information will be uploaded in real time back to the Order Time and automatically creates a Ship Doc.   Similarly, once a purchase order is received through All Orders Mobile, the information will be uploaded to Order Time and a Receiver will automatically be created. Finally, All Orders Mobile will update your count in Order Time with new quantities.

System Requirements

  • Handheld device running one of the following operating systems:
    • Microsoft Windows Mobile 5.0
    • Microsoft Windows Mobile 6.1
    • Microsoft Windows Embedded Handheld 6.5
    • Windows CE 5.0 or Windows CE 6.0
  • Screen must be 240 x 320 (rectangle, not a square)
  • Minimum memory required: 64 MB
  • For wireless connection: WiFi network card, or if you have a Phone/PDA device, data services from cell phone carrier (optional)
  • Scanner attachment (optional

Devices that work with All Orders Mobile