B2B Version 1.1

B2B Version 1.1 - Released July 24, 2020 - Known issues fixed, improvements and new features added as follows:

Note: Some of these changes were implemented as Hot Fixes during the development cycle. They were fixed on separate dates, but weren't published until the official release.

1ADDEDThe ability to self-register as a customer, new preference on the Portal options -  Check out the General Tab Options Here
2IMPROVEDPartial Payment on Terms with %
3IMPROVEDShipping Estimator - See Account Tab Options Here
4IMPROVEDImplemented Zip Sales Tax
5IMPROVEDMade the CSS wider so that the portal wouldn't appear super small on mobile browsers
6IMPROVEDMade sure proper Sales Tax is being applied to Sales Orders
7FIXEDCannot make payment error resolved
8FIXEDFixed an issue so that it gets the default contact for the linked PO and if there isn't one it won't send an Email
9FIXEDMade sure all the areas where it says View Doc are formatted properly
10FIXEDSolved an issue where there was a problem viewing and printing Invoices
11FIXEDSolved an issue where the Related Items Qty and Pricing was being cut off
12FIXEDSolved an issue where changing the Qty on a Carted Item wasn't doing anything
13FIXEDThe Grid in B2B Activity has been formatted properly
14FIXEDMade sure Inactive Customers cannot login to the portal
15FIXEDMade sure the Quantity on Add to Cart cannot be negative
16FIXEDMade sure that if you are using Item Categories, it will only show Items that are in Categories
17FIXEDThe Yes/No Filter is currently not supported in the B2B Portal, fixed an error involved with this
18FIXEDFixed an issue with Configurations on the Portal
19FIXEDFixed the Date Filter on the Portal so that you can filter properly