How to Subscribe to Order Time and Purchase Additional Services

Here are some quick instructions on how to Subscribe to Order Time and purchase additional services such as integrations.

Now that you're ready to Subscribe, head to your Admin Settings Panel by clicking on the cog in the top-right.

Admin Settings

On the right hand side click on the Billing & Subscription Link.

Billing and Subscription

Here click on the link to Edit or Add Services. Your screen will appear similar to this and you can select Subscribe to begin setting up your Order Time account.

Now you are presented with various options to choose from.  Starting from the top of the screen:  

There is a link to switch between View Yearly and View Monthly pricing. Make sure to determine which type of subscription term you want as switching between these two links erases your previous choice!

When selecting either View Yearly or View Monthly the system will reflect the associated Annual/Monthly rates. After selecting either the View Yearly or the View Monthly billing option you can select the ADD link next for Subscription Items to choose various Subscription Items such as e-Commerce Integrations, Shipping Integrations and Printing options. Also, you can select the ADD link next to Services for various Services such as Remote Training, Custom Form Template Design or Onsite Training. 

After selecting ADD for Subscription Items a field window will appear and provide a drop down window for your selection of Subscription Items.

After selecting ADD for Services a field window will appear and provide a drop down window for your selection of Services.

Do Not Forget to update the Quantity for needed User Licenses and Onboarding to the desired selection.

After choosing your Subscription Term, Subscription Items and Services make sure the quantity for your User Licenses is set to the proper amount so that you get the proper discount applied!

Scrolling to the bottom of the screen will be where you can enter your Payment Method information.

Once you have entered Payment Method information, and are confident the information is correct, you may select the SAVE button in the upper right hand corner of the screen. Your Order Time transaction will be processed once the SAVE button has been selected.

Save your transaction!

If all information is correct, and the Payment Method transaction processes without issue, the Admin > Billing and Subscription will reflect the following information: 

This screen gives you the ability to -

  • Cancel your Subscription
  • Edit your Payment Method
  • View your payment history
  • Edit or Add Services
  • It also shows you the full itemization of your User Licenses and Integrations for your recurring balance.

Congratulations on becoming an Order Time Inventory subscriber! Enjoy your subscription, we are here to help your company grow.

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