Batch Action

The Batch Action feature will help you stream line your documents status in Order Time. You can change the status of several documents at the same time and get things done faster and more efficiently. 

The feature is available on several transaction list. You will first need to check the box for the document that you would like to update the status of and then select the Batch Action option. 

Here are a few examples: 


In the Quotes, use the batch action to update the status of Quotes that you have already been "Presented" to your customer and you are waiting for them to respond to. 

Sales Orders

Use the batch action on the Sales Order list to up date the status to "Approved" once your Sales Rep has created the sales order. This will then help up know which orders are ready to be shipped. 

Ship Docs

Use the batch action on the Ship Doc list to mark your orders as "Shipped" to ensure that they get synced over into QuickBooks and create the Invoices for your customers. 

Purchase Orders 

In the Purchase Order, use the batch action to approve all of your processing POs. You can also change the status to "Sent" to help you keep track of when the Purchase Order was send over to your Vendor/Supplier. 

Receiving Docs

On the Receiving List you can update the status to "In transit" once the Vendor has informed you that the Purchase Order is on the way and then you can update the status to "Received" when it has arrived. 

Work Orders 

Use the batch action in the Work Order list go through the production process and update the status from "Ready" to "In Production" and then "Finished".