Quick Start Guide

Thank you for registering for Order Time. At this point you are probably thinking, "Where do I go from here?"

View our Onboarding Checklist

View our Planning to Go Live Article

The first thing you need to do is upload, import or enter your customers, leads, vendors and items. The easiest way to do this is to integrate with your accounting software. Another way to do this is by using CSV imports. CSV Imports can be used to both insert and update data. Use the lists to find data you have imported.

An important aspect of Order Time is collaborating with your team so you will want to manage roles and add users

You may also want to integrate Order Time with your Ecommerce Integration or our Shipping Integration

Order Time can be customized to suit your needs. Start off by customizing your form templates and page layouts

You should now be ready to use Order Time. Start off by reviewing the Sales Cycle and Purchasing Cycle to get a feel for the work flow.

Help is just a click away.  We are here to answer your questions!