Version 1.0.20

Version 1.0.20, Released October 31, 2018 - Known issues fixed and new features added as follows:

AddedLabel Printing
AddedXERO Accounting Integration
AddedChange Status from List
AddedInventory Movement Report with Bins
AddedKit Rules
Weight and Volume totals on sales and purchasing transactions
Split Work Order - The ability to partially complete a Work Order and move the remainder to a new Work Order
Ability to map Payment Method to QBO custom field
PO Received Date
Customer Last Sale Date
PO ETA to Inventory Status Report
FixedDefault CC processing type ignored on payment screen
FixedTaxes on shipping method on sales orders from Ecommerce integrator
FixedLocation Transfer,  memo could not be changed in details
FixedQuickBooks Online did not sync the purchase description
FixedWork Order allocating components twice failed
FixedAdjustment did not hold the cost entered
FixedMultiple lot or serial #'s could not be printed on a form template
FixedMissing form template for Receiver and Vendor Return
FixedInternational date error when creating a Ship Doc or Receiver from Add New
FixedInventory Valuation errors for certain transactions
FixedContact and memo did not carry over from Sales Order to Ship Doc
FixedChanging term on Quote generated an error message
FixedIssue with es-US local, using Spanish date format instead of US date format
FixedCharges on Receiver were not proportionally allocated 
FixedLocation Import
FixedChanging Bins or Serial Numbers on a transaction generated an error 
FixedIssue with dates when regional settings are es-US
FixedVendor Part No on Purchase Order not loading properly