Training - Creating a Disassembly

In any production environment, particularly for for-stock manufacturers, job shops, and custom-build retailers, occasionally you will have an order cancellation or return that will necessitate breaking an Item back down into its base components.

What we need:

Part 1 - A Bill of Materials representing the product you want to process (With Lot or Serial Number Checked)
Part 2 - Parts items for the resulting products (Lot/Serial # Checked AND Std Cost NOT zero). During the disassembly process, we use the standard cost to allocate the value to these products. The products with the higher Std Cost will be allocated more.  

Here is the process:

1.  Create a receiver for the BoM item created in Part 1. Make sure to enter a cost and Lot #. Change the Status of the Receiver to Received.

2.  Create a Disassembly for the amount you want to produce. After created, click Edit and select the Lot # you want to Disassemble in the Available tab.

3.   Now you should Allocate the Components.