Merging Customers


The purpose of the merge customer function is to consolidate the information from 2 customers into 1. 

A lead cannot be merged with a customer and visa versa. 

What happens when customers are merged?

The customer to be merged will be called the 'Source' and the customer to Merge Into will be called the 'Target'.  

  • Contacts, Activities, Addresses and Attachments will be moved from the Source to the Target.
  • Quotes, Sales Orders, Ship Docs and Customer Returns will be moved from the Source to the Target.
  • Addresses are consolidated where possible. 
  • The Source is deleted.
  • Make sure to copy email addresses, phone numbers and important information to a notepad before performing a merge. Especially if you want to save any info from the Target. This way if you make a mistake you can quickly re-enter this information within the Customer Editor.
  • Irreversible Action: THERE IS NO UNMERGE FUNCTION. Once Customers are merged, THIS IS A PERMANENT CHANGE and cannot be undone.

Order Time cannot merge customers using Accounting Integration therefore you should repeat the merge function for the Source and Target within your accounting system. 


  • Find the Source (the customer you want to remove).   
  • Click Merge
  • Select the Target (the customer to merge INTO)
  • Click Save


  • Sometimes when merging customers that do not have the same name there will be an error that reads this is a duplicate. Usually this is due to the Shipping Addresses for the customer having the same names. Slightly alter the Address names on one of the customers to resolve this issue.