Version 1.0.33

Version 1.0.33 - Released November 10, 2022 - Known issues fixed, improvements and new features added as follows:

Note: Some of these changes were implemented as Hot Fixes during the development cycle. They were fixed on separate dates, but weren't published about until the official release. Our development team is constantly releasing new changes to better serve great customers like you!




1ADDEDAll new Rental Module for equipment / inventory rentals within Order Time
2ADDEDQuick Search on the Reports section
3ADDEDGoogle Authenticator is replacing the previous 2-Factor Authentication methods
4ADDEDAbility to force 2-Factor Authentication for all users, must be Master Admin, checkbox is in Company Info
5ADDEDDomain Verification Added to Admin Settings - Email Domain Verification: Used to ensure that emails sent from your company's domain do not bounce or get SPAM filtered
6ADDEDMonex added to the Payment Gateways
7ADDEDCardPointe added to the Payment Gateways
8ADDEDNew Shipping Integration with 2Ship
9ADDEDCustom Messages - ability to create a Shortcut to a longer custom message
10ADDEDSingle Sign On (SSO) from Google added to the Login page
11ADDEDInventory Preferences: Enforce allocation to dependencies from linked transactions
12ADDEDForm Template Permission Control, added to Roles
13ADDEDProduction Preferences: Allocate components when a work order is created or when a component is added
14ADDEDProduction Preferences: Allocate components when a work order status is changed to Finished
15ADDEDShipping Preferences: Auto generate packages when creating a Ship Doc from a Sales Order
16ADDEDProduction Preferences: Option to Remove Quick Build button
17ADDEDAdvanced Sales Preferences: Use sales order promise dates on linked work orders
18ADDEDOrder Time Mobile Preferences: After submitting a Sales Order, change the status of the Ship Doc to: Multiple Choice Dropdown
19ADDEDShipping Preferences: When creating Ship Docs from Sales Orders, Multiple Choices, Only while the Ship Doc is in a Processing status
20ADDEDShipping Preferences: Allocate inventory from bins/lot or serial numbers with the smallest availability first
21ADDEDLot / Serial # Preferences: Show the Quantity box on the Lot / Serial Number pop-up.
22ADDEDPrint Label from Lot/Serial Number

1IMPROVEDYou can hit Enter to Search on the Global Search bar
2IMPROVEDSearch by document number in Global Search - must be 5 characters, can be entered like “00567” if it is not 5 characters long
3IMPROVED Filter by item group when bulk replacing components on BOMs
4IMPROVEDAdded Associate button to Work Orders to associate to a Sales Order manually
5IMPROVEDAdded Copy button for label templates
6IMPROVEDAbility to add Custom Fields to the Reorder Analysis Report
7IMPROVEDAbility for Reorder Analysis to show Net Available instead of Available
8IMPROVEDEDI Document 846 & 855 added for TrueCommerce Integration
9IMPROVEDNew Document Type 846 for SPS Commerce EDI
10IMPROVEDColumn on the WO list that shows the SO the dependency was created from
11IMPROVEDBOM Component Custom Fields from the Item list
12IMPROVEDAdditional Custom Fields, up to 30, added for Activities 
13IMPROVEDAbility to search by Drill Down No on the WO list search box
14IMPROVEDWork Order List Column - Current Step Description
15IMPROVEDAdded Close Button on Activity Alert Pop-up
16IMPROVEDPart Of field added to label templates
17IMPROVEDAdded a pop-up to verify that you want to Void an order on a Ship Doc or Rental
18IMPROVEDPermission to Allow Editing of Transfers that originate from another location
19IMPROVEDActivity History Logs for Activity Reports
20IMPROVEDAdded another 50 more Custom Fields for Items
21IMPROVEDDetect currency from BigCommerce Orders
22IMPROVEDAbility to Close Payments
23IMPROVEDSupport for Work Order dependencies added to Reports
24IMPROVEDNew Column, Last 52 Weeks on the Velocity Report
25IMPROVEDWhen adding a Log Entry to a Sales Order, default the date and time to now
26IMPROVEDSales Order number has been added to the Reference section in a Xero payment
27IMPROVEDRole Permissions - Restrict Viewing BOM Components
28IMPROVEDMade it impossible to click Create on a Linked PO or Linked WO twice
29IMPROVEDSelect exact quantity to send with the select to ship function in Sales Orders
30IMPROVEDAdd to open doc now includes Transfers
31IMPROVEDManufacturer and Manufacturer Part No added as available columns to the Inventory Status by Location List
32IMPROVEDAdded Customer, Ref and Amount in the description for Payments in the Audit Trail
33IMPROVEDSelect specific items To Receive on a Purchase Order, similar to To Ship on the Sales Order
34IMPROVEDAllow Kit Selection to be visible even when Edit Kit is Role Restricted
35IMPROVEDAbility to display the Customer Alias and Item on Inventory Reports
36IMPROVEDAbility to add data to the footer of Custom Form Templates
37IMPROVEDDefine Pallets within Packages

1FIXEDClicking an Event on the Calendar Opens the Edit screen and Removes its End Date
2FIXEDAdded Item Description as an available column on the Dependency tab for Work Orders
3FIXEDNow able to sort by Available Net Required on the Inventory Status by Location List
4FIXEDPayment Alert not displaying the customer and the title is excessively long
5FIXEDFixed a bug in the Sales Order Report - Setting the Closed filter was displaying incorrectly
6FIXEDFixed an error causing Kit components with large item lists to not work when adding to Sales Orders
7FIXEDFixed a bug that would allow you to click the return button on the Ship Doc twice
8FIXEDFixed an issue affecting Can Make inventory with New Items
9FIXEDFixed an issue where orders that are On Hold or Payment Pending cannot allocate
10FIXEDFixed a bug causing Ship Doc Line Item Imports to not populate the price on the Ship Doc from the Item
11FIXEDFixed visual bugs with the Reorder Analysis loading bar
12FIXEDFixed an issue where voided Sales Orders would not deallocate stock
13FIXEDVendor Phone and Email can now be added to Reports
14FIXEDFixed an issue when trying to export Custom List Views other than the first saved view
15FIXEDFixed errors caused by adding / removing lines from Packages
16FIXEDFixed an issue importing Shipping Addresses to Sales Orders by Address Name
17FIXEDFixed an error allowing the payment button on the Payment Request page to be clicked twice
18FIXEDPrevented users from selecting a Batch Action twice in succession
19FIXEDFixed an error causing Purchase Order line dates to not save quantities
20FIXEDFixed a label printing error that caused the secondary logo to not print, even if it was showing on the template
21FIXEDFixed an issue when selecting the Sub Of in the Customer hierarchy that would lead to errors saying there is no parent Customer
22FIXEDFixed a bug that was causing Work Orders to change to Ready when all of the Steps weren’t set to Ready
23FIXEDFixed a bug that would allow you to receive into an Inactive Bin if it was set as the Default Bin for a location
24FIXEDFixed a display bug in the Item Vendor tab where UOM columns were indistinguishable and displaying blank values
25FIXEDFixed an issue while importing data into Line Item Custom Fields
26FIXEDFixed an error causing Transfer Bins to not be balanced when Allow Negative Inventory is turned on
27FIXEDFixed a display bug where Yes/No Config BOM options that are not included were still showing up on Work Orders
28FIXEDFixed a bug that occurred when saving PDFs on Repair Orders in the Attachments tab
29FIXEDFixed a bug when scanning lot numbers on Ship Docs that allowed filling more than what was ordered
30FIXEDFixed some errors causing QuickBooks Online VAT Tax Calculations to not match up with Order Time Tax Calculations
31FIXEDFixed an issue where you couldn’t put a negative quantity on a Serial Number pop-up on an Adjustment
32FIXEDFixed an issue when the permission to Delete a Sales Order Line was deactivated that would also block a user from deleting lines from a Receiver or Purchase Order
33FIXEDFixed a bug that would allow you to import more than 1 default item image
34FIXEDFixed an error causing Invoices from Repair Orders to not sync into QuickBooks Desktop
35FIXEDFixed a QuickBooks Desktop sync error that would occur when Credits are being reapplied
36FIXEDValue adjustments not being deleted from QBO
37FIXEDRefunds not being applied to prior capture/sales
38FIXEDReorder Analysis for large item lists always fails
39FIXEDDrill down for 'deficient only' not working after the first level of sub assemblies
40FIXEDCounts not closed after being finalized with new items