Webinar - Inventory Locations & Bins

Webinar Topics & Notes:


  • Locations are used to separate inventory into physical or logical buckets
  • There is always an HQ, this should be set to your primary Location as it is the default Location used on Inventory Transactions. 
    • You can change the name of the HQ but it should not be deactivated
  • A Location can be made Unavailable. The inventory is On Hand but not available for sale


  • Within each Location you can have one or more Bins
  • Like locations, a bin can be made Unavailable. This is good for Returns
  • Naming Bins -
    • Bins as #'s. Sorting Bins is alphanumeric so 2 would come after 11 because the alphanumeric value of 2 is greater than 11. Now see what happens when you put 02
    • A bin name can be up to 50 characters and can include a combination of information for example Row (Letter) & Aisle a number
  • A Bin name cannot be duplicated in the same Location but it can in a different Location
  • Default Bin on Item. Showing what happens in a Transaction
  • Make Bins inactive, they can’t be deleted when they are in use

Transferring Inventory Between Locations

  • To and from Location
  • To and from Bin
  • In Transit into Location

Moving Bins

  • Changing the default Bin on an Item does not move Inventory
  • Item by Item moves
  • Whole Bin moves
  • Creating an Adjustment

Transfer from a Sales Order

  • Preferences and whether it is on Consignment or not.


  • Inventory Movement Details Report shows the Inventory movement by Item.

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