SPS Commerce EDI Integration

SPS Commerce is an electronic data interchange (EDI) solution provider for SMBs.

By combining inventory and order management with a complete, end-to-end EDI solution, Order Time users can save money, increase productivity and automate key supply chain processes—to move orders faster and serve customers better.

Whether you’re a retailer, supplier, distributor or logistics provider, SPS Commerce delivers the human expertise, processes and innovative technologies you need to make your trading partner relationships easier, more collaborative and profitable.

When integrated with Order Time, the SPS Commerce EDI imports, EDI purchase orders directly into Order Time as EDI sales orders. When the Sales Order is shipped and you generate an ship doc, the solution automatically generates an Advance Ship Notice (ASN). This saves you from having to key the sales order, invoice or ASN data into your EDI solution, saving time, money and errors in your order management process. 

To find out more about SPS Commerce EDI and the benefits of integrating EDI with your Order Time solution, contact an EDI specialist today.

The EDI Integration is used to import and export EDI documents to and from SPS Commerce. The following EDI Documents are supported.

  • 850 - Purchase Order
  • 855 - Purchase Order Acknowledged
  • 810 - Invoice
  • 856 - Shipping Notice

The cost is $30 a month per document. Please note the price is exclusive of setup and transactional fees charged by SPS Commerce.    

Before connecting the integration you must set up your account with SPS Commerce. They will walk you through setting up your trading partners.


Go to Settings -> EDI Integration

Add EDI Provider

Choose SPS Commerce, Click Add

Scroll down, find SPS Commerce under the EDI Section
Add 1 for each Doc Type. So if you're using the 810, 850 and 856, that would be 3

Type in your payment method, and click Save at the top-right. Now that you've added EDI to your plan you can head back.

Settings -> EDI Integration
Now you should see SPS Commerce here with links below it. There you can edit your settings, mappings, defaults and scheduling. Click on the settings to complete your setup.

SPS Commerce Information you'll need for your setup:

  • Input FTP URL
  • Output FTP URL
  • Username
  • Password

After inputting the required information, hit save. The rest of the tabs are for mapping fields from the 850s to fields within Order Time Inventory. Setting the sync schedule to daily / weekly / etc. Also checking the document queue to see all incoming documents and any corresponding errors.