Webinar - New Features in Version 1.0.27 + Open Q&A

Webinar Notes: Order Time - New Features in Version 1.0.27 + Open Q&A

  • Release Notes 
  • New Batch Email Sends 
    • Batch Actions 
      • Batch Email Sending
      • You can send the batch emails from the Sales Order list and the Ship Doc list
      • Sends to the Contact 
        • If that is blank it sends it to the Billing Email Address and Shipping Email Address
  • Hidden Company Preference 
    • Editing Email Templates with Rich Text Editor
    • Email us for access to this feature!
  • B2B Portal Self Registration and Shipping
    • Portal Settings 
      • General Tab 
        • Allow leads to self register option 
          • Set them via Terms
          • Save and Refresh the portal
      • Account Tab 
        • Shipping Options 
          • Ship Methods
          • Shipping Carrier Accounts
          • Shipping will be calculated after the order is received
  • OT Mobile - iOS App 
    • https://help.ordertime.com/help/order-time-mobile-demo-and-download
    • Pick is already in 
      • Check out a Sales Order
    • Pack is coming soon on the next update 
      • Check out the Ship Doc
      • Confirm all the items going into packages
    • Are we planning on doing Android Port? 
      • Yes, we developed the Apple app first because it was a much stricter operating system first. Once this code is finalized we can just port it to Android.
      • Aiming for the 3rd Quarter of 2020
  • Kits - New totaling for Can Make 
    • Kit Items have a field called Can Make showing the amount of kits that can be made with current materials. This can feed into your Ecommerce integration to show total available.
    • Under Ecommerce Integration Settings
      • Check the box Update Inventory can include the kits that can be made as a total
  • Item Images Overhaul  
    • We were getting the images each time the lists loaded
    • For faster loading we serve it once now and don't serve the image again until an expiry
    • Under an individual Item's Images tab you can bulk upload images to the Item
    • This also serves the B2B Portal by showing a carousel of images
    • It allows the API to serve the images to your Ecommerce platform/website
    • In the Company Info section: Multiple Brand Logos can be uploaded for your forms or B2B Portal
      • Edit a Sales Order / Ship Doc / Etc form, and in the Design Tab you can swap the logo
      • You can also modify each B2B Portal you have with a different logo in the B2B Portal Settings
  • Question about Editing Custom Fields on a closed Ship Doc  
    • Currently working on this, a ticket is in our system to add this feature.
  • Reports  
    • You can now create Reports with Images
    • Add the Items Table
    • Add the Images Table
    • Add the column Images ID
    • Set a filter where the Images ID is not equal to 0, so that you don't show items that are missing an image
    • To get a full list of images you can also use the API if you have an understanding of web APIs, full documentation for our API can be found on the knowledge base here
  • Customer Logs  
    • Go to a customer, click on the Activity History Tab
    • Click on Add Log
    • This is a free-flowing note that can follow the customer whenever someone looks them up
  • New Feature Request  
    • Sending out an Email Template WITHOUT a Form Template when batch emailing.
    • This has been added to our queue, thanks for your suggestions!
  • Past Webinars  

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