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Webinar Notes: 

Order Time - CRM Features Walkthrough

  • Download the slides from today's presentation HERE
  • Types of Activities 
    • Can be created on a Customer / Order / Etc in the Open Activities Tab
    • Can also be created on the Home Screen, Create New Drop-down, or Activities List
    • Task
    • Event
    • Email
    • Log
    • Custom Types can be created in Settings > Profile Lists > Activity Type
    • Activity Types: https://help.ordertime.com/help/activity-type
  • Activity Statuses 
  • Settings > Company Preferences > Activities 
    • You can set the default Alarm Time Span
  • Events 
  • You can see the full schedule from the Calendar on the Home Screen
  • Logs 
  • Emails 
    • Creating an Email and sending it to a Customer creates a log of that email in the Activity History
    • To find the Email Templates 
      • Settings > Email Templates
      • Make sure to check out the video once it is up, it shows you how to drag a token into an email template to pull information into your marketing emails.
      • More about Email Templates: https://help.ordertime.com/help/email-templates
  • Custom Fields can be added that appear when creating Activities / Events / Logs
  • Leads are Customers that haven't been added to a Sale yet 
    • Adding Leads: https://help.ordertime.com/help/generate-leads
    • Leads sync to QuickBooks when they become Customers
    • Lead Statuses can be edited under Settings > Profile Lists > Lead Status
    • You can view your Lead List from any page by clicking the Open Full List Drop-down and clicking the Leads list
    • Customer types can be edited under Settings > Profile Lists > Customer Types 
      • You can edit Customer Types with Price Levels!
    • Leads can be restricted so that only your Sales Reps have access to see the current Leads 
  • Addresses 
    • Under any Customer you can click the Addresses Tab and Add a New Address under their record
    • Editing Customer Addresses: https://help.ordertime.com/help/edit-customer-address
    • You can select a different Tax Code / Tax Item for each address
    • Each Customer Address can be associated to a warehouse location that you would Ship from
  • Contacts 
    • Each Customer can be associated with multiple Contacts
    • You can add Contacts to a Customer under the Contacts Tab
    • You can make them the Primary from this screen as well
    • You can also manage your Contacts from the Open Full List Drop-down by selecting the Contacts list
    • Vendors can now have Contacts as well!
  • Quotes 
    • To learn more about Document Statuses: https://help.ordertime.com/help/document-status
    • Quotes can have multiple statuses to deem them as Closed Won / Closed Lost / Processing etc.
    • You can create a Quote from a Lead or within the Quotes List from the Open Full List Drop Down
    • You can filter the Quotes by Status on the Quotes List to just see the deals that you're currently working with or the ones that have been Won recently.
    • Emails from a Quote will automatically attach the Quote as a PDF
    • Once it reaches the correct status, the Convert button appears at the top-left. Then it can become a Sales Order with the Customer attached.
  • Alerts 
    • Alerts are Automated Tasks created based on actions done in the system
    • You can create Alerts in Settings > Alerts
    • Setting up a System Alert: https://help.ordertime.com/help/alerts
    • You can set up User Groups in Settings > Profile Lists > User Groups 
      • User Groups can be set to receive an Alert when a certain status on a document has been changed.
  • Credit Hold 
    • On a Customer you can put them on credit hold by going to Edit > Payments Tab > Check the Hold Orders checkbox and Save
    • This will keep the Sales Orders from being pushed past a certain status due to the Hold on them
  • Under certain terms like Pay on Order your Sales Orders can be held until the Customer has made a full Payment
  • We will be adding a Batch Action to the Activities so that you can change multiple Activities at once

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