Webinar - B2B Portal New Features + Open Q&A

Webinar Notes: 

Order Time - New Features in the B2B Portal + Open Q&A

  • B2B Portal 

    • New Features
      • The registration link has been added for your customers to self-register.
      • When they enter information into the form it makes them a Lead in Order Time.
      • Once they purchase from your portal they become a Customer.
      • New Shipping Options are now available due to user request. 
        • Shipping Methods
        • Shipping Carrier Accounts 
          • Estimates the Shipping
        • Shipping Calculated When the Order is Received
      • The ability for a Customer to Duplicate a Sales Order while viewing a Past Order
    • Categories
      • You can add items to any Categories you want.
      • Customers are added to the top-level Category.
    • More information here: https://help.ordertime.com/help/b2b-portal
  • Emails 

    • Under the Customers / Leads / Contacts List 
      • Batch Emailing enabled in the top-left of the list through the Batch Actions drop-down.
      • No need to send a Form now, you can just send a Quote Template.
  • Questions 

    • B2B Portal: How does it keep track of Assembly items that are not made yet as it pertains to ordering? 
      • If you have it set to show Items that have zero quantity, it will appear
      • We have a chance to make this a new feature based on our new Can Make field, we'll be working on this.
    • When sending emails to customers, is it possible to send to all contacts? 
      • We can only send to a maximum 500 Contacts at a time so that we don't hit a Spam Filter
    • Do you have time to show us how to set up a basic form email template when sending invoices basic templates? 
      • Went through this on the video, the video will be up in a few days
    • If a customer has 3 contacts, can we send it to all 3 contacts in that customer?  
      • We're going to look into this as a feature.
      • In the mean time, you can go to the Contacts List and select all 3 and then batch email them.
    • Can multiple email addresses be added to a customer so that when the ship doc is synced to QB, the invoices are sent to multiple addresses? 
      • We're going to look into this as a future feature, it requires an option added, or a change to how it syncs.
    • Are you planning to have dashboards in warehouse tab? Pick performance tracking, number of orders processed?  
      • Since all the dashboards are based on Reports we can certainly add that.
      • There are a few different reports we could conceptualize there.
      • Let us look into this as a future feature.
    • When an item is picked - is it taken out of inventory or still there until marked shipped?  
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