Activity Overview


An Activity is a way to document an action that will occur or has occurred by one or more of your users. For example, if you want to remind a sales rep to follow up on an order, you would create a Task for the sales rep.  All Activities shares some common properties as follows:

  • Assigned to:   Which corresponds to a system user.
  • Subject
  • Closed Date 

Order Time has four base types:

  • Task: Is an activity with a Due Date and Alarm. Open tasks are listed on the home page. A user must manually close a task by changing its status.
  • Event: Is an activity with Start and End Dates. Events are listed on calendar on the home page.  An event is closed when the End Date has transpired.    
  • Log: Is an activity which is closed when created. It lists movements, actions or communication that are relevant to the record.    
  • Email: Is an activity created when an email is sent from Order Time. 

You can create custom Activity Types that inherit from the Base Types. 

Activities can be managed using the Activity list  or home page. You can also manage activities within related record types such as customers and sales orders. For example, within a sales order details page,   you can create activities which will be automatically related to that sales order. By extension,  that activity will also be related to the customer on that sales order.  

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