Version 1.0.32

Version 1.0.32 - Released May 20, 2022 - Known issues fixed, improvements and new features added as follows:

Note: Some of these changes were implemented as Hot Fixes during the development cycle. They were fixed on separate dates, but weren't published about until the official release. Our development team is constantly releasing new changes to better serve great customers like you!




1ADDEDCustom List Views - The ability for Order Time users to save custom list columns and filters on record screens for future use
2ADDEDNew Button on the Sales Order, Select Items to Ship
3ADDEDCreate "Can Make" Reports in the Report Builder
4ADDEDExtended Accounting Integration Role Restrictions (Disallows the Role's ability to Un-Sync/Remove from Sync)
5ADDEDNew Button to Close an Open Sales Order from a Ship Doc
6ADDEDAdded a preference to automatically allocate orders.  Ideal for synced orders from another sales platform 

Quick BoM Report: New Button for Assemblies on a Sales Order or Quote line item to quickly see the Bill of Materials and their Inventory Status

8ADDEDGlobal Search (BETA)
9ADDEDCreate a Period Closing Date to Lock Transactions (Locks the Undo Transaction Ability)
10ADDEDNew Button - Recalculate Pricing on the Sales Order when the Price Level for a Customer Changes
11ADDEDAbility to create Vendor RFQs - Request For Quote
12ADDEDControl the ability to view Item Stats, controlled via Role Exceptions on either Inventory or Inventory by Location Status
13ADDEDWork Order Component Import
14ADDEDAdded the Location Filter to the Reorder Analysis for Production
15ADDEDAbility to move line items up and down for the Receiver
16ADDEDAbility to move Components up and down on Work Orders and Disassemblies
17ADDEDAbility to change the Work Order or Purchase Order Status on the Sales Order Dependency tab
18ADDEDOn the Create New Batch Fulfillment screen you can now filter by any Status with the type of Approved
19ADDEDBeta version of our integration with OpenCart Ecommerce
20ADDEDAdded Invoice Date field for Value Adjustment. This field is used when a Bill is created in accounting
21ADDEDAdd items to an Open Receiver and choose which Purchase Order to link
22ADDEDNew Preference in General > Advanced, Clear custom field data when duplicating a document (Quotes, SO, PO, Customer, Item)
23ADDEDWhen creating linked Work Orders from a Sales Order there is a checkbox to pre-populate the quantities
24ADDEDTwo new Date Filters added to Reports - Tomorrow & Specific Days of the Week
25ADDEDAdded an Image Column to the Items tab on a Vendors page
26ADDEDAbility to map the standard SKU in QuickBooks to a Custom Field from the Accounting Import
27ADDEDNew Preference: Load Can Make on Sales Order and Quote Line Items. Use the Can Make Column on those documents
28ADDEDAbility to see the Associated PO Number when looking at the Receivers Tab on a specific Vendor (Column needs to be added)
29ADDEDAbility to add a Class on Items within the Sales Order
30ADDEDNew Preference: Change (Purchase Order) status to Sent after sending an email
31ADDEDAbility to create linked Purchase Orders from a Repair Order, to purchase items needed for a repair
32ADDEDNew Import: Import Price Levels by Item for bulk purchases
33ADDEDAbility to set a different Unit of Measure for each Vendor on the Item-Vendor tab
34ADDEDNew property in the B2B Config to Include Can Make products
35ADDEDNew Preference: Turn off autocomplete hover selection
36ADDEDNew Alert for changes in Promise Dates,  if that happens, a task / event is created with the due date of the Promise Date 
37ADDEDAbility to select the BoM Version for Linked Work Orders
38ADDEDAbility to see the Payment Source for a Payment on the Payment List (Helps for Ecommerce Users)
39ADDEDNew API Endpoint: BoM Component
40ADDEDNew API Endpoint: Ship Doc Line Item
41ADDEDNew API Endpoint: Ship Doc Package (Package info only, no item or details)
42ADDEDBeta version of our integration with Squarespace Ecommerce
43ADDEDPrice Level Option, Customer Item Volume Percentage Discount
44ADDEDAdditional Fields added to the Work Order Import: Quantity, Status Type, Promise Date
45ADDEDBulk Component Replace/Add/Subtract
46ADDEDAbility to Import Adjustment Line Items
47ADDEDAdded Support for Styles in the Receiving and Vendor Return Form Templates
48ADDEDMade it so that the Lot / Serial Number on the Item Inventory tab can be edited
49ADDEDNew Payment Gateway:  CardPointe Payment Gateway
50ADDEDNew Preference: Production > Advanced > Create more Work Orders than what is on the Sales Order
51ADDEDNew Column Added to the Item, Customer and Vendor List: Account Integration ID
52ADDEDPurchase Order Easy Import added as a quick way to import line items into a Purchase Order
53ADDEDNew Ecommerce Setting to use Available or Net Available
54ADDEDNew Preference: Show Ship Doc instead of Sales Orders when one or more payments are applied
55ADDEDNew Preference: Add Open Sales Order Items to Ship Docs
56ADDEDAbility to add to a Receiver from an existing Purchase Order
57ADDEDNew warning when voiding a Sales Order that has Dependencies

1IMPROVEDYou can now add Emailed or Printed to your Page Layout for Purchase Orders, Sales Orders, Ship Docs and Receivers. They are automatically checked when you email or print (Create PDF) the document.
2IMPROVEDEnhanced the Audit Trail Report to show Documents created by Integrations
3IMPROVEDAbility to quickly update a custom Report Name
4IMPROVEDAbility to Bulk update BoMs when Components are Replaced/Added/Subtracted with the Bulk Component change
5IMPROVEDDisplay tracking number on Ship Method Pop Up
6IMPROVEDRepair Order - Return to Inventory automatically adds the cost to the item
7IMPROVEDAdded Customer PO field on the Item Transactions table for use in Item Ledger Reports
8IMPROVEDSorting is alphabetic in the Group list when changing and Item Group
9IMPROVEDAbility to have the home currency displayed on forms
10IMPROVEDKit Items on a Sales Order can now use the Open Quantity field for each item
11IMPROVEDImprovements to URL Field Types for better validation
12IMPROVEDIncreased the range of the Item Markup Price Level Type so that you can go higher than 100%
13IMPROVEDMade it so that quantities for kits on the Ship Doc show the same way they do on the Sales Order
14IMPROVEDLinked Purchase Orders add Items in same order as they appear on the Sales Order
15IMPROVEDFilter by Item Group when bulk replacing Components on BoMs
16IMPROVEDDisplay customer name as well as the dependent Sales Order on the Purchase Order Report
17IMPROVEDAdded the Cost property to Package details on a Ship Doc
18IMPROVEDAdded Quantity column to the Dependency Item Tab on a Sales Order
19IMPROVEDAbility to see all Open Carts from the B2B Portal in the Carts List and make a Sales Order from one of them
20IMPROVEDImproved the handling of QBO Disconnections and the Sync Queue
21IMPROVEDEach Report section can now be Collapsed or Expanded for easier readability
22IMPROVEDIcon added next to the Doc Number on a Payment Request page to show that it is a link to the documen
23IMPROVEDEnhanced Ecommerce to allow matching the Item SKU to something other than Item Name
24IMPROVEDLot Number entry has an input box for Quantity
25IMPROVEDQBO Integration updated to support additional Custom Fields
26IMPROVEDEnhancement to have separate dates for Inventory Valuation, Receiver Date & Valuation Date
27IMPROVEDNew button to delete an entire Kit from a Ship Doc
28IMPROVEDCan add a custom description for each Attachment
29IMPROVEDCan add a custom description for each Item Image
30IMPROVEDAdded Batch Status change to Vendor Return list
31IMPROVEDThe QuickBooks Desktop Sync Tool is now capable of handling more than one QB File for customers with multiple companies
32IMPROVEDAbility to switch Line Numbers on a Work Order 
33IMPROVEDAbility to sort Available Lot / Serial Numbers by Date
34IMPROVEDOn the Item Details Page you can now use the On Quote tab to see Items on Quotes
35IMPROVEDSales Order Easy Import has been updated to allow you to map the Price Level, Shipping Address and Billing Address

1FIXEDFixed an issue with Reorder Points by location Imports causing errors
2FIXEDFixed multiple issues with Allocations, Allocation Percentages, and Allocations with Kits
3FIXEDFixed an issue with Custom Calculated SO line Item Fields. 
4FIXEDFixed an issue with Inactive Doc Statuses causing lists to fail
5FIXEDFixed issue where custom fields not in page layout would lose data
6FIXEDTurned off auto complete from browser on date drop downs
7FIXEDFixed issue with auto-allocating Ship Docs from Receivers
8FIXEDFixed editing customer when customer is set a parent of other customers
9FIXEDFixed issued with Lot/Serials on Customer Returns
10FIXEDFixed issue when deleting SO Items that had been allocated
11FIXEDFixed issue with Pending Returns counting as double inventory 
12FIXEDFixed issue with stuck syncs when QBO security token expires
13FIXEDFixed issue with missing Promise Dates
14FIXEDFixed issue with custom calculated fields when the denominator equals 0, it caused an error. Now, if the denominator is 0, we set it to 1 by default
15FIXEDFixed issue with HTML in Item description making line Items not editable
16FIXEDFixed ability to use Arrow Keys when editing line items
17FIXEDFixed issue with splitting unallocated WOs
18FIXEDFixed issue with UPC field in Label designer
19FIXEDFixed an issue where updating the quantity on the original Work Order after doing a Drill Down wouldn't make the appropriate updates to the new Work Orders from the Drill Down
20FIXEDFixed an issue where the Purchase Order line would throw an undefined error for UPC labels
21FIXEDWhen an email fails to send via GMAIL integration, no errors were shown to the user
22FIXEDWhen changing line/bin/serial # qty or cost on a receiver with charges the values did not include the charges
23FIXEDIssues with Sales Tax not properly calculating for Proxy Customers
24FIXEDFixed an issue where pre-defined views/filters from the quick links area weren't staying when you click to go to the next page of results
25FIXEDFixed an issue where Yes / No custom fields weren't able to be filtered on a report properly
26FIXEDFixed an issue where Invalid hex characters were stopping PDF printing
27FIXEDFixed an issue where the new setting to reduce net available in B2B by what is in the carts was not working properly
28FIXEDFixed an issue where line item custom fields were not importing from TrueCommerce EDI Document 850
29FIXEDFixed an issue that caused Payment Requests when Paid to show a date of 1/1/1900
30FIXEDFixed issue with allocating non-inventory items
31FIXEDFixed issue with deleting a Signature from a Ship Doc
32FIXEDFixed issue with Voided Sales Orders not deallocating stock
33FIXEDFixed an issue where some discount percentages were showing 4 decimals
34FIXEDFixed an issue that caused drop-down lists on Repair Orders to break
35FIXEDFixed issue with the Repair Order template not bringing in all the data and notes from the Repair Order
36FIXEDFixed an issue that caused Ship Docs that were created from Receivers to appear blank
37FIXEDFixed an issue where Roles restricted to certain Locations were still able to Create documents in other Locations
38FIXEDFixed an issue that caused Auto-Complete drop-downs to break when using an exchange rate with a comma
39FIXEDFixed issue with appending customer notes with Memo from the B2B Portal
40FIXEDFixed issue with hovering over a Kit in a Sales Order that caused an error
41FIXEDFixed an issue where editing the name of an attachment wouldn't save
42FIXEDFixed an issue that caused the Quantity to be uneditable on the Reorder Analysis
43FIXEDFixed an issue that caused some Customer Returns from Ship Docs to have no line items
44FIXEDFixed an issue where Customer Returns that errored out during processing would still be there as a Refund and would be unable to be deleted
45FIXEDFixed issue with the Price level with the Type "Customer Item by Percentage" causing the Adjust button to stop working. Also added a new price column in the Price Level screen.