Payment Gateway - Stripe

Enter a Payment Gateway 

Before you begin selling, you need to list all of the payment processing gateways that you have accounts with by entering your log in information for those accounts on the Payment Gateways menu screen (Admin --> Profile List --> Payment Gateway)

The available Gateways are located on the left side of your screen, while the Gateway details appear on the right.

You first need to give the Payment Gateway a Name, Select if the Gateway is Active and if the Gateway is the Default Payment Gateway and then select  your credit card processing company (Gateway Type) from the drop down list. 

If you have multiple payment gateways, there is an option within the payment entry screen, in the Sales order and Ship Doc, that will allow you to select the gateway when receiving the customer's payment.

Currently Order Time works with a multitude of gateways, see more about that here.

Stripe Payment Gateway - Setup

Payflow Gateway SettingsStripe Payment Gateway Settings

When you select Stripe from the Gateway drop-down list, you will be presented with one field.


Locate API keys in the Dashboard - You want to get a Secret Key

Additional info about API Keys can be found Here

Fill in this field with your Secret Key

Set your defaults, and hit Save!

Processing Credit Card Numbers Using Stripe

To use the Stripe gateway to process credit card numbers enable "Process payments unsafely" here:
Make sure you are logged into Stripe before clicking this link

The preference is under "Advanced" options.

A while back Stripe decided to call all integrators "potentially unsafe", this removes their liability when an API integrator might be non-PCI compliant. 

By you CHOOSING to allow it, it covers Stripe in the case of a mishandling of information by those integrators. However, Order Time Inventory tokenizes this information and we do not pass it to Stripe in plain text. It is encrypted and follows all modern standards.

This may seem like an ominous option, but Order Time Inventory is not just throwing info through the Internet without safety precautions.

All of our Payment Gateways that we hook to are PCI Compliant. We encrypt the data that we send to these gateways and institutions and follow all those regulations.

In order to maintain platform compliance, we recommend that customers utilize the 2-factor authentication and our other Advanced Security Features.