Custom Fields


If you find that you need to set up information for one of your lists where there is no corresponding field, you can assign a custom field to fill that role. For example, if you're in the habit of sending your customers a greeting card every year on their birthday, you can establish a custom field that will let you track their birthday information. 

Using the Custom Fields function allows you to establish your own criteria for each one of the Types (i.e. PO, Sales Orders, Repair Orders etc.) by creating a custom field where additional action is required. 

Setting up Custom Fields

To create a custom field you must be logged in as the Admin user.  Click on the Gear icon on the top right of the screen then select Custom Fields under the Settings Section.   In the scrolling list, on the left-hand side of your screen you will see a list of Record Types for which to create the Custom field.  For example if you want to create a custom field for a customer,  click the Customer hyperlink from the left-hand side list.    

After you clicked the desired Record Type, you will see a list of custom fields.     The list contains the following columns. 

  • Field -  Represents the actual name of the field in the database.  
  • Caption - Represents the name of the custom field that the users will see when entering data.
  • Type - Is the type of field the user will be prompted to enter (i.e. Text, Date, Pick List, Yes/No).
  • Delete - Remove the custom field.

Click an existing Field or click the Add Custom Field. 

  • The First thing you will enter is the Caption that will appear when users enter their data.
    • Type a caption you want added to a specific function (i.e. Tracking Number)
  • After writing the caption, you will select if the user is Required to enter a value in the custom field before being able to save. 
  • Next you will select the Type of Custom Field
    • Text (you can select the Length of this field)
    • Date 
    • ID - An integer.
    • Cost 
    • Yes/No
    • Quantity
    • Pick List (you can select the List Value)
    • Price
    • Amount
    • Memo
  • Click on Save when done

The software will automatically copy custom fields between records when the custom fields Have the Same Name and Type. For example, if you also had 'Cancel on B/O' on the sales order and ship doc custom fields, you would enter the value once on the sales order and it would be copied to the ship doc when the sales order is filled.  The following table shows how custom fields are copied:

Custom Fields FromCopied To
ItemSales Order Line Item
Work Order
Work Order Component
Purchase Order Line Item
Receiver Item Line Item
Ship Doc Line Item
CustomerSales Order
Ship Doc
VendorPurchase Order
Sales OrderShip Doc
Purchase OrderReceiver
Sales Order Line ItemShip Doc Line Item
Purchase Order Line Item (Linked POs Only)
Purchase Order Line ItemReceiver Line Item