Version 1.0.34b

Version 1.0.34b - Released December 13, 2023

Known issues fixed, improvements and new features added as follows:

Note: Some of these changes were implemented as Hot Fixes during the development cycle. They were fixed on separate dates, but weren't published about until the official release. Our development team is constantly releasing new changes to better serve great customers like you!

Due to certain updates you may need to perform a hard refresh on certain pages like the Item Detail page. Check out these instructions on performing a hard refresh: How to Perform a Hard Refresh and Clear Cache





1ADDEDYou now have the ability to add Barcodes to Items on Form Templates
2ADDEDNew preference in General > Advanced: Show Only Employees for name on time entries
3ADDEDNew preference added to the ShipStation Config, "Free Shipping When Order is Over X"
4ADDEDYou can now create Kit Item Aliases. Enable the Alias Tab on the Details Page for Item. It will work for Items in the Kit Group.
5ADDEDAdded the Purchase Order Line Item API End Point
6ADDEDWhen adding an Item to a Sales Order you can now select Price Level from a drop-down box
7ADDEDNew Preference in General > Advanced: Enable Doc Status Role Restrictions
8ADDEDCreated the ability to filter which Items update to your Shopify stores by Price Level. Created a drop-down for Order Source.
9ADDEDAbility to assign a Non-Inventory Item as a Custom Shopify Item e.g. Repairs, Services
10ADDEDLast Sale Date and Last Sale Price added to Item Reports

You can use the Customer Item Price Levels to choose what gets added to which Shopify Store

1IMPROVEDCustom Fields for Contacts can be added on Label Templates
2IMPROVEDAdded the Active Column to Customer Item Price and Currency Price - Price Levels
3IMPROVEDOur custom loading animation has been added to the Allocate and Deallocate buttons on Sales Orders and Repair Orders. (It was already applied to Receivers and Work Orders) This prevents accidental double-clicks.
4IMPROVEDThe Tax Item field you see when Adding / Editing a Customer Address is now in Alphabetical order
5IMPROVEDVarious improvements to Time Entries on Repair Orders. Only showing Active Employees/Vendors via lookup by Name.
6IMPROVEDAdded double-click prevention to the Export CSV on our Report Viewer
7IMPROVEDMultiple improvements to Label Bordering and Label Darkness
8IMPROVEDSorted out issues with Additional Fees and Credit Card fees being taxed for Non-US Customers
9IMPROVEDCleaned up the list that is processed when opening the Receiver Allocation screen
10IMPROVEDFor Xero we have Mapped the Customer PO to the Ref Number

1FIXEDFixed an issue on the Ship Doc where changing the quantity would not update the price taking into account the currency and price level combo
2FIXEDFixed an issue when splitting a Work Order where the class field would not follow down to the new Work Order
3FIXEDResolved an issue with the time to complete on Work Order Steps. It should now be calculating properly.
4FIXEDFixed a bug with the Outlook 365 Email / Calendar integration where the Disconnect button would not show when properly Connected
5FIXEDFixed an issue where Ship Doc Custom Fields were not loading quickly
6FIXEDWorking out miscellaneous bugs with the Report Scheduler
7FIXEDFixed an issue where creating a new Step on a Work Order would send it to the top as Step 0
8FIXEDPriceLevelRef should now operate properly via the API
9FIXEDResolved an issue where adding multiple email addresses to an email with semicolons in between wouldn't work properly if you were using the Gmail integration
10FIXEDFixed an issue that could occur when swapping a configuration to Yes/No on a Variable Bill of Materials
11FIXEDFixed an issue that could occur when swapping a configuration to Yes/No from Variable on a Kit
12FIXEDFixed a bug which allowed you to Import an Inventory Transfer to a Bin which was not in the Location you chose
13FIXEDFixed a display issue that could occur when changing the quantity of Kit Line Items on a Ship Doc
14FIXEDFixed an issue with our Address Checker that would cause it to drop portions of the Street Name 
15FIXEDFixed an issue with Magento 2 where it wouldn't update the Order Status
16FIXEDFixed an issue where Magento 2 wouldn't calculate the Sales Tax if the Zip Tax option was set
17FIXEDMiscellaneous grammar and spelling fixes
18FIXEDFixed an issue that caused errors when Shopify Orders were created with Kit Items