Order Time Inventory has given you access to the Customer Portal


Order Time now has a customer portal where you can view the support tickets sent from your email address. You can view open and closed tickets and create new ones. If you've just sent in your first-ever ticket to our support channel, you just received the email below.

Finish Registration

You'll see this screen where you can view all of your current tickets:

Create a Support Ticket

If you'd like to create a ticket from this system, you can click on the 'File a Support Ticket' link at the top-right or at the very bottom of the screen.

The benefit of creating tickets via this system is you don't have to re-enter your information. Since this is a preauthorized portal, we already know your name, company name, phone number, email, etc.

You will see the form below:

If you need us to resend the registration email to give you access to the customer portal, email us at contact@ordertime.com