Webinar - Order Time Mobile Updates

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Order Time Mobile Updates Webinar Meeting Notes


  • Introduction and overview of the Mobile App by Ian.
  • Review of OT Mobile settings in Company Preferences.
  • Discussion on various features and functionalities.

Key Highlights:

  1. Company Preferences in OT Mobile:

    • Ian showcased how to select preferred fields for scanning.
    • Discussed linking options with Order Time Mobile.
  2. Warehousing:

    • Introduction to the start scanning section.
    • Setting up Bins in the system.
    • Linking all orders with OT for scanning purposes.
    • Mentioned that certain companies will use the scanning feature differently.
    • Admin-only capability to make changes.
  3. Scanning Process:

    • Explanation of the scanned order quantity process.
    • Overview of the manual scan process.
  4. Mobile Warehouse (WH) Features:

    • New actions in Mobile WH for creating packages for shipping documents.
    • Sorting sales orders by document number, which can be modified by the end user.
  5. Mobile Device Walkthrough:

    • Demonstrated the login process, including face recognition.
    • Refreshing preferences and how Admin can change device preferences.
    • Overview of settings.
    • Transactions are determined by location.
    • Camera functionality for scanning and attaching an external scanner.
    • Corrections for the back button and auto-scroll feature.
  6. Client Processes & Features:

    • Introduction to the "Find" feature and searching by subject.
    • Bin scanning example.
    • Adjustments and counts overview.
    • Demonstrated counting using a Bin.
    • Sales order picking and receiving a purchase order process on mobile.
    • Swipe left/right functionality and displayed information.
    • Error removal process.
    • Review of Purchase Order (PO) 1223 and creation of the Ship Doc.
    • Creation of a Sales Order and the pick process.
    • Ship document created with ID 1001557.
    • Benefits of the packages feature.
    • Returning to Order Time to review processes executed from the mobile app.
  7. Questions & Responses:

    • Jess: Inquired about the app's functionality when a sales order is checked out. Specifically, if a bin move would reflect immediately for another active user.
      • Mike D. confirmed he will address this query.
    • Robert: Asked about the availability of a new iPad app.
    • Dustin: Questioned the feasibility of bin picks on an iPad.
      • Mike D. clarified iOS usage and directed attendees to send in support tickets individually for any issues that arise.
    • Compatibility of devices was discussed.
    • Current iOS version for the app is 2.5.5.
    • Discussion on using the zebra scanner with Android.
    • Process to locate the app on the Google Play Store and how to disable the camera as a scanner.
  8. Upcoming Features & Updates:

    • Prioritizing of tickets and feature requests.
    • Introduction of work order functionality.
    • Tracking check-in/check-out times.
    • Finalizing adjustments & transfers to complete warehouse features for mobile.
    • Review of other upcoming app features.

Meeting Conclusion: The call provided a comprehensive overview of the Order Time Mobile app's features, functionalities, and upcoming updates. Attendees were given the opportunity to ask questions and provide feedback.