B2B Portal Guide

B2B Portal Guide

This guide will link to every article you need to access when setting up your own B2B portal within Order Time.

All current customers can start a 14-Day Trial period, limited to just 1 portal. Simply add a portal within the B2B section of the Admin settings to begin.

Before it deactivates, you will need to subscribe on the Subscription & Billing page, by adding the service.

For new customers who are currently trialing Order Time, you can add portals, but when you're ready to subscribe it will ask you whether you want to continue by adding the service to your subscription.

Adding a Portal

Configuring the Portal Settings

Setting up Item Categories & Customer Categories

Setting up Contacts with Portal Access

Setting up Payments for the B2B Portal

Setting up Related Items for the 'Frequently Bought With' Section

Image Sizing Guidelines

Our Recent B2B Portal Webinar:

— Keep checking back on this guide for the newest updates. More screenshots and videos coming soon.