Order Time Mobile - Releasing Sales Orders


The purpose of this article is to demonstrate how to "Release" a sales order from your Mobile Device. 


As you know to pick items for a Sales Order you must first download it to a device. Once it is downloaded onto a device that Sales Order can not be managed by anyone else on any device. The user who downloaded the Sales Order will also ONLY be able to manage the Sales Order from that mobile device until they release it or upload the changes made.

To release the Sales Order view the List page of the app. This will show you all of the Sales Orders that have been downloaded onto that device. 

From the list you can slide the Sale Order to the right and Upload the changes you have made.

Or you can slide the Sales Order to the Left and "Delete" or release the Sales Order. 

You also have the ability to Upload the entire list by selecting the upload button in the upper right hand corner of the List page.