Object "XXXXX-XXXXXXXXXX" specified in the request cannot be found.

Object "XXXXX-XXXXXXXXXX" specified in the request cannot be found.

This message may show up from time to time in your sync log if you are syncing with QuickBooks Desktop.

When applications like Order Time attempt to communicate with QuickBooks, every entity and transaction QuickBooks has on file is given a unique identifier.

This identifier is what the "XXXXX-XXXXXXXXXX" is referring to and the message means that while Order Time has a record of an entity or transaction with that identifier in QuickBooks existing, at the point the sync is occurring it no longer exists.

For example, if a new Customer is created in Order Time and synced over to QuickBooks it is given a new, unique identifier. If after the sync the customer is deleted directly in Quickbooks and recreated it is now given a new identifier, one which does not match the original Order Time has on file.

Many times errors like these will work themselves out after a sync or two, particularly if it is dealing with entities, like customers, vendors or items.

If it is related to a transaction, there might be some data or record attached to the document which has either been deleted from QuickBooks or for some reason may have a new unique identifier.

Drop down options of data that are attached to documents which post over to QuickBooks, such as picking a Customer, Term, Sales Rep or Class on a Ship Doc, are the places to look for discrepancies.

Do not remove the entry from the sync queue if you are unable to resolve the issue and manually make any changes needed to be made directly in QuickBooks.

All transactions in Order Time have the option to prevent them from posting to QuickBooks, thus ensuring no duplicate entries if a manual entry is made.

Contact Order Time support for any assistance needed to resolve these errors. Email: support@ordertime.com