Version 1.0.34

Version 1.0.34 - Released September 15, 2023 

Known issues fixed, improvements and new features added as follows:

Note: Some of these changes were implemented as Hot Fixes during the development cycle. 

They were fixed on separate dates, but weren't published about until the official release. 

Our development team is constantly releasing new changes to better serve great customers like you!




1ADDEDItem Merge
2ADDEDCreate a Report Schedule to send Reports via Email automatically at intervals that you configure
3ADDEDReceiver Allocation - Allocate Items from a Receiver to Sales Orders and Work Orders
4ADDEDAbility to select a 'From' Email when sending Emails
5ADDEDAbility to create a Partial Invoice for a Rental Contract
6ADDEDAbility to search by phrase on the Rental Dashboard to find Items quickly
7ADDEDYou can now see the Location for Rental Equipment directly on the Rental Dashboard
8ADDEDCustomer Return - Select Items from a Ship Doc (Partial Customer Return)
9ADDEDVendor Return - Select Items from a Receiver (Partial Vendor Return)
10ADDEDNew Preference under Sales > Advanced: Enable splitting a Sales Order
Sales Orders where you have Selected to Ship certain line items can be Split to move the Open Quantities to another Sales Order.
11ADDEDNew Preference under General > Advanced: Hear a beep sound after successfully scanning a line item
12ADDEDNew Preference under Sales > Advanced: Can change the Status of the Sales Order or Quote after an Email is Sent.
13ADDEDNew Preference under General > Advanced: Allow editing custom fields from a transaction's details page, even when the transaction is closed.
Allows you to edit Custom Fields on Closed Documents.
Make sure to check the box on each Custom Field you want this to work on, you must edit the Custom Field.
14ADDEDNew Preference under Sales > Advanced: Default status for Sales Orders coming off hold
15ADDEDNew Preference under Items: Disable Item Popup on Sales Orders and Ship Docs.
This disables the pop-up you see when you hover over the Item Name in a Sales Order or Ship Doc
16ADDEDNew Preference under Mobile > Order Time Mobile: Sort the Sales Orders by Promise Date or Doc No.
17ADDEDNew Preference under Sales > General: When you have "Customer PO number must be unique" checked, another option appears called "Allow blank Customer PO number".
The default setting for this is unchecked.
18ADDEDNew Preference Under General > Advanced: Show location address on a form template instead of the company address
19ADDEDNew Preference under Shipping: Status Change After Batch Fulfillment - This gives you a drop-down to choose the Status you would like it to change to.
20ADDEDNew Preference under Sales > Rounding: Tax Rounding/Rounding Direction.
You can choose Round Down, Round, Round Up
21ADDEDNew Preference for Non-US QB users under Sales > Advanced: Customer Sales Tax Code overrides Item Sales Tax Code
22ADDEDNew Preference under Sales > Advanced: Update customer ship to address when cloning a Sales Order or Quote
23ADDEDFrench Language Localization - Change the Primary Language in your browser to French or French (Quebec) and refresh Order Time Inventory
24ADDEDAbility added to Import a new BoM Version via the BoM Easy Import
25ADDEDAdded the ability for an Admin to view the Orders which are "Checked Out" on the Mobile App and Release them.
26ADDEDCreate a Rental Contract directly from a Customer. In the Page Layouts add the Rental Contracts tab to Customer Details.
27ADDEDAdded the ability to change the Customer Return No. when Returning an Item from a Ship Doc
(If you leave it as is it will create a new Customer Return)
28ADDEDThe Easy BoM Report button now also appears on the Item details page for Assembly Items
29ADDEDAdded the ability to Allocate Work Order Steps from the Work Order List
30ADDEDAbility to see the BoM Revision No on the Bill of Materials itself
31ADDEDNew Import Type for Customer Item Group Prices
32ADDEDNew Item Property: Margin, automatically updates the Price field based on changes to the Std Cost
33ADDEDThe Promise Date and Location fields have been added to the Work Order Import
34ADDEDAdded the ability to Partially Invoice a Rental Contract
35ADDEDAbility to set Alerts for Contacts on Create, Modify, and Delete
36ADDEDUnder the Customer > Items Sold tab you can now add the UPC column
37ADDEDNew property for Vendors - Default Lead Time. If the Lead Time is updated it will update Item Vendors where the Lead Time is Blank or less than the new value.
38ADDEDAdded the ability to Inactivate and Delete the Primary Contact on a Customer
39ADDEDYou can now view all your Custom Messages in a Report. Create a New Report, choose Customers & Leads, and add the Custom Messages Table.
40ADDEDAdded the ability to add Lot or Serial Numbers to Sales Order Labels
41ADDEDNew Role Restrictions for Kit Items, including Kit Pricing
42ADDEDNew Tab on Items for Item Price Levels. Go to your Item Details Page Layout and activate the Tab called Prices.
43ADDEDLast Purchase Date field added to Items. Add it to your Item Detail Page Layout.
44ADDEDIn an Item Group you can set the Max Discount %. This takes precedence over Price Levels when adding the Items to a Sales Order.
45ADDEDThe Memo Column can now be added to an Item's On Order Detail tab.
This will show the Memo information from the Purchase Order or Work Order associated to the Item.
46ADDEDNow via Import you can associate a Customer Address with a Contact
47ADDEDItem Vendor Quantity Field added - Item > Vendors Tab > Edit a Specific Vendor.
You can also change your Ecommerce Configuration, check Update Inventory, and choose Include Item Vendor Quantity. Great for Drop Ship Ecommerce companies.
48ADDEDIf you have a Payment Gateway set up for ACH/Echeck as well as Credit Card Payments, you can now send out two types of Payment Request Links.
Using {!link} as the token will send a Credit Card Payment Link like normal.
Using {!linkach} as the token will send an ACH Payment Link.
49ADDEDBrainTree has been added to the list of Payment Gateways
50ADDEDZapier Integration
51ADDEDWix Ecommerce Integration
52ADDEDAPI Endpoint Added for Refunds
53ADDEDAbility to Convert a Lead to a Customer via the API

1IMPROVEDUsing the Sales Order Easy Import you can now import Sales Order Header and Line Item Custom Fields
2IMPROVEDThe Sales Order Easy Import now supports editing the Shipping Amount field, Shipping Method, and Ship Sales Tax Code
3IMPROVEDEditing a Custom Field does not remove it from the Page Layout
4IMPROVEDAdded a confirmation pop-up to all docs that comes up when changing the status to Voided
5IMPROVEDWhen Creating a New Receiver, you can now sort the Open Purchase Order Screen by clicking the headers.
6IMPROVEDThe Margin on the Bill of Materials updates when the Cost changes
7IMPROVEDTotal Kit Cost is now displayed in the Summary on a Kit Item
8IMPROVEDPayment Request feature allows for payments in the Customer's Currency
9IMPROVEDIf you add info to a Custom Field like a Pick List it will not be removed from the Page Layout.
Changing the Custom Field Type will still require you to add it back to the Layouts.
10IMPROVEDIf Locations have been picked for Reorder Analysis, Reorder Point / Max Quantity / Lead Time are updated for those Locations only.
11IMPROVEDReports have been sorted by Name alphabetically
12IMPROVEDThe Filter Lists are now sorted alphabetically on the drop-down.
When you hit the cog on a List > Other Tab > Check Creator Only: It shows you only the Filter Lists which you created.
13IMPROVEDSales Order Descriptions should now follow over to Linked Work Orders or Linked Purchase Orders.
14IMPROVEDQuickBooks Authorization Emails have been updated to include the Company Name - This helps Admins who manage multiple Company Files
15IMPROVEDImportant Improvements for Sales Tax on Purchase Orders and Receivers in the VAT System
Applicable to Non-US Tax
16IMPROVEDAdded a pop-up warning when you click Revert to Default on a Page Layout
17IMPROVEDYou can edit the Quantity when you use the Select to Ship function or the Select to Receive function
18IMPROVEDUpdated the Machine Hours field type to allow for decimal points
19IMPROVEDImproved the functionality when scanning Items in a Kit to a Ship Doc
20IMPROVEDUpdated the Fill Line Item API to support Transfers
21IMPROVEDImproved the Can Make calculation for Kit Items
22IMPROVEDThe Image Column can be added to the Inventory Status by Location List
23IMPROVEDAdded the ability to Overbook in the Rental Module. Clicking Add during these situations will bring up a pop-up warning.
24IMPROVEDFailed Payments are now recorded in the Audit Trail Report - Search for Error Processing Payment
25IMPROVEDNew Preference for the DocuSign integration: Set Status After Signed, works for Sales Orders and Quotes.
Modify Status after Emailed in Sales > Advanced and that will count for the DocuSign Integration as well.
26IMPROVEDYou can add the Max Sales Quantity field to your Items to set the max for B2B Portal Sales

1FIXEDFixed an issue where Purchase Orders with over 100 line items would show an incorrect Total
2FIXEDMiscellaneous grammar and spelling errors have been fixed within the Company Preferences
3FIXEDFixed an issue where the Rentals tab on a Customer was on by default even if Rentals weren't enabled
4FIXEDFixed an issue where Purchase Order Line Items wouldn't fill on the Status - Sent
5FIXEDFixed an Issue where reordering lines on orders with multiple Kits would break the Line Numbers
6FIXEDFixed an error that occurred when creating a Reorder Analysis
7FIXEDCorrected an issue that wouldn't allow you to Import the Ship To Address Names when Importing Sales Orders
The order of the columns is important.  Make sure the Customer column goes before Ship To. 
8FIXEDCorrected an issue on iOS Tablet or Phone multi-page Form Templates preview would not let you scroll to additional pages after the first.
9FIXEDCorrected a display issue on Work Orders where going to Page 2 of Components for a Step and switching to the next Step would cause those Components to not show up.
10FIXEDFixed an issue where performing a Sales Order Import to update a Sales Order was changing the Date and Promise Date
11FIXEDFixed a Costing issue with UOM Sets. If the Vendor was not listed as an Item Vendor the Std Cost would not change to the Purchase As UOM.
12FIXEDFixed an issue where you couldn't Import negative quantities for an Adjustment on an Item that has a Lot / Serial Number
13FIXEDFixed an issue where the Description and Custom Fields were note updating when an edit was made to a Lot or Serial No. entry.
14FIXEDFixed errors that would occur when trying to Create a PDF while using Order Time on a Mobile Browser
15FIXEDFixed an issue that occurred when you have the Preference to Auto set the quantity from the Sales Order to the Ship Doc.
If you manually added a line to the Ship Doc the Quantity would stay at 0.
16FIXEDFixed an issue that made it impossible to Add Items to an existing Vendor RFQ
17FIXEDFixed an issue with Problem Codes in Repair Order Reports
18FIXEDFixed an issue that occurred when applying multiple Payments to a Rental Contract
19FIXEDFixed an issue where changing the Step Location on a Work Order wouldn't update the Work Order Location
20FIXEDFixed a Xero issue where the Purchase Tax Code wasn't populating
21FIXEDFixed an issue with different currencies that would occur when adding line items to a Receiver.
It will look at the exchange rate on the doc now.
22FIXEDFixed a bug that occurred when you Deallocate Repair Order Components
23FIXEDFixed an issue where you uncheck the top check box on the Reorder Analysis screen and it wouldn't uncheck all
24FIXEDAllow Shipping Partial wasn't working correctly for Kits
25FIXEDFixed an issue where Custom Notes were duplicating in the Memo field
26FIXEDFixed the functionality for adding a Service Item to a Work Order. It would auto-allocate even with the preference to auto-allocate Components turned off.
27FIXEDFixed an issue when adding a line item to a Sales Order with an Exchange Rate
28FIXEDFixed an issue with the Minimum Order Quantity not affecting Purchase Order Line Items properly
29FIXEDFixed a display issue where Lot and Serial Number Reference wouldn't appear in the Transaction Tab of the Lot/Serial No Details page if the LSN was added through a Count
30FIXEDFixed Xero Sync Issues & Xero Terms Calculations
31FIXEDFixed an issue where Ecommerce Configuration Settings were slow to load
32FIXEDFixed the implementation of Tracking Categories mapped to Class for Xero
33FIXEDFixed an issue where deleting line items on a Bin Move would remove the wrong line.
34FIXEDFixed an issue that messed up filtering the Ship Doc List using the Balance column
35FIXEDFixed an issue where Receivers had missing Bins