Order Time can send you notifications of Alerts through a end point that you host.     

Here are the conditions of the web hook end point

  • Type: POST
  • Basic Auth (Username and Password)

When an alert is triggered from Order Time,  we will POST an Audit Trail object to the above end point.      In the sample below we we see the Action Type is 4 which corresponds to Change Status.   The Record Type is 7 which corresponds to Sales Order and the Unique Id is the Doc No.   So this Audit Trail object is telling us that the status of the sales order 890 has changed.   You can now use the sales order end point to GET the sales order. 

An Audit Trail captures for various events in Order Time.   See the Audit Trail report in Order Time. 

AuditTrail Sample

    Id: 1947,
    ActionType: 4
    RecordType: 7,
    UniqueId: 890,
    Description: "Status Changed to Approved",
    Username: "Jimmy Hendrix",
    ActionDate: "2020-12-08T22:13:42.8181534Z"