Version 1.0.23

Version 1.0.23, Released March 6, 2019 - Known issues fixed and new features added as follows:

AddedAbility to change the customer on quotes and sales orders. 
AddedSupport for the French language.
AddedAlerts can now be sent to an associated sales rep.
AddedSupport for Shopify Plus.
AddedYou can add days to an alert's due date. 
AddedItem Aliases
AddedPreferences to allow style variations to be edited and added to orders by themselves.
FixedPrinting Kit details for items that are not kits.
FixedPayment getting over applied on Ship Docs.
FixedCalculated fields did not show all numeric properties.
FixedCalculated fields did not allow parentheses and exponents.
FixedIssues relating to importing Kits from eCommerce integration.
FixedFulfillment batch was not showing orders. Also the filters on the list of orders will now also control which orders are printed.
FixedAdding multiple lot #'s on a work order inflated the valuation.  
(If this affected you please contact us as we can run a special process.)
FixedCould not create a linked work order for a Job Item.
FixedInactive email templates showed on drop down menu. 
FixedEditing form design failed when clicking check boxes too fast. 
FixedError when issuing a Refund with a gateway.
FixedSending emails with a ' in the email address. 
FixedClone Purchase Order 
FixedRounding preference not functioning. 
FixedTax calculations for non-US companies. 
FixedWork Order memo not saving.
FixedPackage Type did not accept decimals for weight. 
FixedForeign Exchange synchronization with QuickBooks Online.
FixedImporting Date driven terms from QuickBooks Desktop.
FixedActivities not removed for deleted work orders.
FixedInitial adjustment did not have values from QuickBooks Desktop.
FixedAssemblies not being updated in QuickBooks Desktop when changed in Order Time.
FixedEmail did not show name of contact when selected.
FixedChanging the Promise date on a Purchase Order caused reopening of line items.