Ecommerce Carts Overview


Order Time has several integrator e-commerce partners. The partnership with these platforms makes inventory and order processing system significantly more efficient.

In Order Time, the e-commerce partners are presented as ‘Carts’. Order Time is integrated with 6 e-commerce platforms:

What does the integration do?

  • Orders:  When a customer checkouts of their cart and places an order,  we create a corresponding sales order in Order Time.        
  • Customers: When a customer checkouts of their cart and places an order we will create or update the corresponding Customer in Order Time.  
  • Shipping Documents:   When the ship doc is status is 'Shipped'  we update the order status the cart together with the tracking number. (Optional)
  • Inventory Stock Levels:  Inventory levels for your products on your cart will be updated automatically with the quantities from Order Time. (Optional)

E-commerce Integration Considerations

Before setting-up your e-commerce integration, insure that you have your own business website and administrator logins.  

When you are setting up your E-commerce Integration in Order Time, you have to complete the following fundamental steps: