Billing and Subscription


You can manage and review your Order Time billing and subscription settings in one place. The Billing and Subscription tool allows you to:

  • Set up your Order Time subscription and payment details
  • View and edit your Order Time subscription and payment details; and view payment history

Access Billing and Subscription by following these steps:

  1. From the homepage,  click on the Gear icon to access the Admin screen. 
  2. Click Billing and Subscription under the Users & Roles section. 

Setting Up Subscription and Payment

Specify the features that you want use, their quantities, and your chosen payment method to initiate your subscription.

Subscription Details

  • Website - User License

User License is counted by the number of active users, therefore, the charging for User License is per active user. 

For example, if you have 3 active users, you will be billed for 3 user licenses. Conversely, if you have a total of 3 users, 1 of which is inactive and 2 are active, you will only be charged for the 2 active users.

Note: You can inactivate a user

In the Subscription page, the quantity of users is set to the number of active users by default. If you want to change the quantity, make sure that it matches the number of active users. 

• Click the counter button to increase or decrease the quantity. 

  • Shipping - Shipping Integration

Order Time’s shipping integration is partnered with ShipStation.

• Click the counter button to set it to 1. Note: There is only 1 shipping integration. 

  • Cart - E-Commerce Integration

You have the option to add e-commerce integration to your subscription. Order Time works with the following e-commere platforms:  Magenta, Woo Commerce, 3D Cart, Bigcommerce, Shopify and Volusion

  1. Integration: Click the counter button to set it to 1. Note: There is only 1 unit for each integration. 
  2. Store: Click the counter button to set the quantity to the desired number.

The total amount that will be charged is displayed at the bottom part of the subscription details table. 

Important: Click Save once you are done completing the page.

Payment Method

Provide the payment details by filling out the form under the Payment Method section. 

Viewing and Editing Subscription and Payment Details

If you have a subscription set up already for your business, the initial page that you will see is Billing and Subscription, where you can view and edit your billing and subscription details.

  1. From the homepage,  click on the Gear icon to access the Admin screen. 
  2. Click Billing and Subscription under the Users & Roles section. 
  • The Billing and Subscription page displays the following details and options:
    • Company ID - is a unique system-assigned number
    • Status - This should be 'Active'. Note: You can cancel your subscription at any time by clicking the Cancel link.  
    • Payment Method - shows the current payment method. Click the Edit link to modify your payment details.
    • Next charge - is the next billing date
    • Payment History - allows you to see past payments. Click the View payment history link to see previous payments.
    • Subscription details - allows you to edit your subscription and payment settings. Click the Edit link to modify your subscription details.
    • Billing details - This section provides the particulars of your subscriptions in tabular form. 
      • Items - is the features services that you are using
      • Quantity  - is the number of units that you purchased for each item
      • Price - is the cost per unit
      • Ext. - known as extended cost, is the unit cost multiplied by the quantity  
      • Subtotal - is the amount before tax
      • Total Amount - is the computed full amount to be paid 

Billing Pointers

  • You are charged for the number of active users and the number of integrations.
  • The billing date is based on your subscription start date.
  • The amount that will be charged is the Total Amount that you see in the Billing and Subscription page. 
  • Order Time will automatically charge you every month on the date you signed up. You will be billed on the same (or close to the same day) each month. 
  • When you upgrade your subscription (i.e. increase the number of active users and/or integrations), for example, in the middle of the month, you will be billed with the new rate on the Next charge date plus a prorated amount that is based on the amount of time from when the upgrade took effect less the payment that was already processed.
  • If you downgrade your subscription (i.e. decrease the number of active users and/or integrations), a refund will not be applicable. You will be billed, instead, with the new amount (usually less than the previous) on the Next charge date  which should reflect the downgrade.  
  • Annual Subscription
    • The basic recommendation is, if you're going with an annual subscription, stick to a strategic number of Users on the low end.
    • If you need to ADD users, then those users are pro-rated and so if you're already halfway through your year, they only cost half the price.
    • However if you SUBTRACT users, then there is no credit given. If you absolutely need to reduce then we suggest doing it right before the end of that billing cycle.
    • The discount percentage off for grabbing the annual subscription is definitely worth it if you aim for the minimum number of users, however if you foresee a lot of adding and subtracting then stick with the Monthly subscription for the most flexibility.