Sales Order Allocation


Sales Order Allocation is used when you get orders in advance and need to reserve the stock without a Ship Doc. This gives you complete control of reserving stock and allows you to also complete partial allocations & partial shipments.

Setting up who can Allocate Sales Orders

The first step to using Sales Order Allocation is setting which Roles can access the feature. 

Head to Settings >> Roles >> Edit the Roles you want to access this feature:

Can allocate inventory to Sales Orders

Click the check box to activate the feature for this Role and click Save.

Adding 2 New Columns to the Sales Order List

2 New Columns for the Sales Order List

Next click on the View Full List Dropdown, open up the Sales Order List. Click on the cog in the top right and go to the Columns Tab.

Add these two columns: Allocation Status & Allocation Percent

Allocation Status - Shows None, Partial, All

Allocation Percent - The actual percentage of items on the Sales Order that have been Allocated

Adding 2 New Columns to the Sales Order itself

2 New Columns for the Sales Order

Click on an individual Sales Order, then click on the cog right above the line items. Go to the Columns tab.

Add these two columns: Allocated & Unallocated

Allocated - The amount of that line Item that has been allocated to reserve the stock.

Unallocated - The amount of that line Item that is not Allocated.

Allocating from a Sales Order

Allocating the Sales Order Inventory

To Allocate the entire Sales Order, click on the orange Allocate button in the top-left.

What it looks like when you Allocate a whole Sales Order

This will set every line item to Allocated which you can see in that column. It also spawns the Deallocate button which can reverse what you've just done and release the stock back to Unallocated.

Batch Action Sales Order Allocation

Batch Action can also be used to Allocate a bunch of Sales Orders at once from the Sales Orders List. 

- Select the Sales Orders you wish to Allocate
- Click on Batch Action
- Click on Allocation
- Click Allocate or Deallocate
- You will see the Allocation Status change to All

  • To Allocate inventory you must have a Location set
  • Once you Allocate you cannot change the Location
  • Allocating reserves the stock and takes it out of Inventory making it Unavailable

Partial Allocation

Partial Sales Order Allocation

You can create a partial allocation very quickly, click on the edit button for each line item that you want to remove from Allocation.

Removing the Allocation Bin

Click on the Bins tab and change the quantity Allocated or click on the X to remove that Bin and its Quantity from Allocation.

Showing the Allocated and Unallocated Line Items

When you go back to the Sales Order you can see that one line item is Allocated and the other is Unallocated.

Partial Allocation on the Sales Order List

On the Sales Order list you can now see that the Sales Order has a Partial Allocation and the exact percent of the items on the order that are Allocated.

  • When the Ship Doc is created from the Sales Order, only the Allocated Inventory will be filled.
  • A Partial Allocation will just create a partial Ship Doc, another Ship Doc will need to be created when the rest of the order is filled.

Turning off Sales Order Allocation

If you'd like to turn off the Sales Order Allocation feature, follow these instructions.

  • Head to Admin > Company Preferences > Sales
  • Click on the Advanced Tab
  • Uncheck the box that says Enable Allocation
  • Click Save

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