Managing Expiration Dates in Order Time


When you've assigned a serial number to an individual item or a lot to a group of items in Order Time, tracking their expiration dates is a crucial step for effective inventory management. Here's a step-by-step guide on how to do it:

Example Scenario:

The expiration dates for lot and serial are set on the receiver or on an adjustment for the item needing the expiration in this case S-16783 on a receiver. 

If you need additional information, refer to the associated video for detailed guidance about assigning lot and serial: Video - Lot & Serial Number Tracking Demo 


  • First we navigate to the receiver for S-16783. 
  • Access Line Item Editing

    • click the line item edit button for item S-16783 on the right hand side of the receiver 

  • Navigate to Lot and Serial Editing:

    • Move to the "Lot and Serial" tab on the editing page.

  • Enter Lot/Serial Editing Page:

    • Click the "Edit" button again to open the editing popup.

  • Set Expiration Date:

    • Locate the expiration date field within the popup.

    • Fill in the expiration date information and then hit save in the bottom right to the popup


Changing expirations in an adjustment is a process similar to the one outlined above. When creating an adjustment for a serialized item, you will first be prompted to attach a serial number to the item. From there, the process is essentially the same as described earlier with the receiver.