Activity Type


Activity Type is used to categorize various types of Activities within your company.     


Activity Type, also called Base Type tells the system what type of activity is referenced.  There are four base types: Task, Event, Log, Email. You can create different Activity Types for Task like Collect Payment or Send Samples. To create a record for an activity type click on the Gear icon then select Profile List under the General Section. 

On the Profile Lists screen, select Activity Type under the General section.

On the Activity Type screen, you can enter a Name for your new activity and categorize as an Event, Task or Log. If needed enter a Subject for your Activity.  The subject will auto default every time you select this activity.

You can create as many Activities as your business requires, these can be activated or inactive as you see fit. If you need to be reminded or keep track of specific function within your organization an Activity type can be a useful tool.

Click on Save when done.