Order Time - Exporting Lists


Most often you will want to export a list to make updates to the profiles of the Item, Customers or Vendors. The purpose of this article is to demonstrate how to export your lists of information. Whether it be your Items, Customers, Vendors, Etc ....


Updating data can be done easily with imports. The best way to create your template for an import is with an export of the already existing data. 

First you will want to select your list. For this example I am going to use my items. 

For my example I want to update a few fields. I would like to update the price, cost and tax code on my items.  So I will need to utilize the gear and add the columns that I am missing which are cost and tax code. And to make importing easier I am also going to add the Id column. But since I can only import one Group at a time I will also set a filter to only show my Parts Group. To add these columns and filter I will select the gear.

Here I set my filter.

And here I added my columns.

Then select Save. Now you can see I have a filter on my list and the columns I have added.

We are almost ready to export the next thing we want to decide is do we need/want escape characters on our export. After making sure we have checked that we are ready to export. Simply select the export icon from your list.