How to get Sales Order Numbers on QuickBooks Invoices

How do I get my sales order numbers to show on my QuickBooks invoices?

You can create a custom field in QuickBooks Online or QuickBooks Desktop, and map the Sales Order number in Order Time to that field on the accounting invoices.

Creating a custom field in QuickBooks Online: KB Article

Creating a custom field in QuickBooks Desktop: KB Article

  • Then to create the mapping head to Admin > Accounting Integration.
  • Click Configure next to your account integration that is connected.
  • Click the Invoices tab.
  • In the Mapping - Header section click the empty space under Order Time Field and choose Sales Order No.
  • Under the Accounting Field you must put the name of the QuickBooks custom field EXACTLY as it appears in QuickBooks.

Notice how the Order Time Field becomes a drop-down when you click in the empty space.

  • After you're done here, don't forget to click SAVE.

Disclaimers: QuickBooks Online Advanced is required for QuickBooks Online custom fields.
QuickBooks Desktop has a finite number of custom fields depending on what you paid for so keep this in mind.
It can take up to an hour for the Sales Order number to show as the cache catches up.