Version 1.0.36a

Version 1.0.36a - Released June 6, 2024

Known issues fixed, improvements and new features added as follows:

Note: Some of these changes were implemented as Hot Fixes during the development cycle. They were fixed on separate dates, but weren't published about until the official release. Our development team is constantly releasing new changes to better serve great customers like you!

Due to certain updates you may need to perform a hard refresh on certain pages like the Item Detail page. Check out these instructions on performing a hard refresh: How to Perform a Hard Refresh and Clear Cache





1 ADDED Stripe Payment Gateway Returns: We've rebuilt our Stripe payment gateway from the ground up to accommodate changes in the Stripe API, ensuring a smoother and more reliable payment experience.
2 ADDED Added new Role permissions for Email Templates, Form Templates, and Label Templates. 
We ask that you please review your Roles with this new update.
3 ADDED Added the Promise Date field to the Docs table for use in Reports. 
Example: Inventory Valuation Report by Bin as of the Promise Date
4 ADDED New Preference: Show form templates in letter size (8.5x11)
Preferences > General > Advanced
Forces a default page size for Form Templates when they are converted to PDF
5 ADDED New Preference: When cloning an Assembly, also clone all its Revisions
Preferences > Production > Advanced
Cloning an Assembly Item will retain all of its BOM Revisions
6 ADDED New Preference: When creating a Sub of Customer copy the Addresses and Contacts
Preferences > Sales > Advanced
7 ADDED New Preference for Kit Exports: When exporting sales order or quote with kits, use the kit items instead of the selections
Preferences > Sales > Advanced
8 ADDED New Preference: Include unapproved purchase orders in an item's summary.
Preferences > Purchasing
With this preference selected, the Items on Order Tab and Item Summary will include Items on a Purchase Order that is in Processing status. 
If it is unchecked then it will only include Items on a Purchase Order that has been moved to the Approved status.
9 ADDED New Preference for Returns: When creating the return, use the customer’s ship to address instead of the return location.
Preferences > Shipping
10 ADDED When you add the Shipping Instructions column to the Sales Order List, each Sales Order with instructions will be highlighted. Added as a way to signal important instructions on the list view.
11 ADDED The Purchase Order Line Item endpoint has been added to our REST API
12 ADDED You can now add the Note column to the Inventory List and the Inventory Status by Location List. It displays whatever you put in the Item Note field
13 ADDED Added the ability to Import Related Items for upsell / replacements etc.
14 ADDED Added the Related Items table to Item Reports
15 ADDED Added a new API method called CreateShipDocFrom SO, this mimics the same action when you press the Ship Doc button on a Sales Order

1 IMPROVED New and Improved Configurable Bill of Materials (Config BOM) experience. We have revamped and
made it easier than ever to set them up.
2 IMPROVED Better Loading for Payments: The loading time for the Payment Edits screen and Create New Payments screen should be significantly faster because we have added paging. You can make multiple selections on multiple pages and all of them will remain selected.
3 IMPROVED The Price Level drop-down on a Sales Order will no longer show Inactive Price Levels
4 IMPROVED Expanded Language Support: We've added translations for all new labels in Spanish and French
5 IMPROVED Improved the behavior when clicking to download an attachment to prevent an accidental double-click
6 IMPROVED Vendor Part No. is now available to add to Transfer Form Templates
7 IMPROVED The Item Alias tab is now available for Leads, so now you can set those up before they've become a Customer
8 IMPROVED Made it possible to use Custom Fields as additional filters in the Fulfillment Batch

1 FIXED Fixed an issue where cloned Sales Orders and Purchase Orders did not calculate Tax because the line items bugged out
2 FIXED Fixed an issue that caused Non-US Purchase and Sales Tax Codes to be overwritten when QuickBooks Online syncs
3 FIXED Inventory Items can no longer be entered with a negative Price
4 FIXED Fixed an issue where the Quantity of a Linked Work Order in the Dependency tab was not matching the true Quantity on the Work Order itself.
5 FIXED Fixed an issue where Customer Returns were not possible when the Ship Doc contained a Non-Inventory or Service Item
6 FIXED Fixed an issue where the Prevent Sync button was not operating correctly for Repair Orders
7 FIXED Fixed the Receiver Line Import so that it maps the linked Purchase Order number to each line
8 FIXED Fixed an issue where the Report Scheduler will send even when a Report Schedule is set to Inactive
9 FIXED Fixed an issue where users who could only View Receivers could not Create Vendor Returns
10 FIXED Fixed an issue where Lot/Serial Numbers with 0 Quantity couldn't be utilized in a Repair Order
11 FIXED Fixed an issue with Customers doubling up in Xero by syncing Customer Account Numbers
12 FIXED Fixed an issue where Rentals were not appearing under Lot/Serial Number Transactions
13 FIXED Fixed an issue where Alerts weren't triggering properly when they were set for changing a Purchase Orders' status to Closed
14 FIXED Fixed an issue where sales rounding was not occurring when clicking the Margin %
15 FIXED Fixed an issue where a Payment could become over applied from a Sales Order to a Ship Doc when the Sales Order had open quantities and a Discount applied
16 FIXED Fixed an issue with Last Purchase Cost and Last Purchase Date - they weren’t updating when a Receiver Line Item has been deleted, so they would appear incorrect on Reports
17 FIXED Fixed an issue with the Auto Package feature not sequencing properly
18 FIXED Fixed issue where creating an Event with the same Start and End time would put a 2 hour block on the calendar, you can no longer create one with the same time in both fields
19 FIXED Fixed an issue that could occur when creating and deleting a Pro Forma Invoice where the open quantities would not reset
20 FIXED Fixed an issue that could happen intermittently where the wrong Doc No would be included in Alerts or when doing Batch Sending
21 FIXED Fixed an issue where the Invoice No wasn’t populating when doing a POST for a Receiver via the API
22 FIXED Fixed an issue where the Modified Date on a Sales Order wasn't being updated when a Payment was made
23 FIXED Fixed an issue which stopped the Frequently Run Reports from updating properly
24 FIXED Fixed an issue where the Contact on a Sales Order wasn't changes to the Customer occured after the transaction was created. Fixed for Quotes, Sales Orders, and Purchase Orders with Vendor changes.
25 FIXED Fixed an issue where removing delete commands from the accounting sync queue would cause them to come back infinitely
26 FIXED Fixed an issue where changing the a column to Grouping or from Grouping to Data on a Ledger style report would cause errors
27 FIXED Fixed an issue with Calculated Custom Fields on Work Order Steps where the calculation was not being performed