Printing to a DYMO Printer

Make sure to follow the instructions in the Enable Label Printing Feature article.

Also double check that your machine is on the Order Time Label Printing: Supported Printers list.

> Open Control Panel

Open the Start Menu (click the Windows button in the bottom-left corner of your screen) and select Control Panel.

> Go to Devices and Printers

Select View devices and printers. If you can't see this, type "devices" into the search bar and the link should appear.

> Go to Print server properties

Scroll down to the printers section. Right-click on your printer and click Print server properties at the top of the window.

> Create a new paper size

If your preferred paper size is already listed, click Close and move on to step 6. To create a new paper size, first tick the Create a new form box. Above this you may now enter a name for your paper size (this can be anything you like) and specify the dimensions at the bottom. Be sure to select the correct units.

Your screen should now look similar to the picture below. Click Save Form and then Close at the bottom.

> Go to Printing preferences

Right-click on your printer and select Printing preferences.

> Click Advanced

If your screen does not look like the one below, you may need to install driver software for your printer. You can obtain drivers from the DYMO website.

> Select your paper size

Under Paper/Output, the Paper Size drop-down menu should now include your custom paper size. Select this and click OK.

Your printer should now be set up to work with Order Time Label Printing. You may close any windows you have finished working with. If you have any trouble printing, try interchanging the width and height values. If you encounter a persistent problem, please contact