Version 1.0.30

Version 1.0.30 - Released April 16, 2021 - Known issues fixed, improvements and new features added as follows:

Note: Some of these changes were implemented as Hot Fixes during the development cycle. They were fixed on separate dates, but weren't published about until the official release.

1ADDEDGmail & Google Calendar Integration
2ADDEDOutlook 365 Email & Calendar Integration
3ADDEDNew Preference Added to Turn Off Import Notification Emails
4ADDEDNew Preference Added for Journal Entries - setting for Invoices that pushes only the Journal Entry, not the invoice *Contact support to add this preference to your account. Only works with QBO.
5ADDEDNew Column Added to the Inventory List - Default Vendor
6ADDEDNew Report Column - Budgeted Time to Complete - Can be placed within any kind of capacity report
7ADDEDNew API End Point for Vendor Returns - Learn More Here:
8ADDEDAs part of the ShipStation Improvement, ShipStation charges such as additional costs incurred can now be included in a Sales Order / Ship Doc
9ADDEDAdded new preferences for Auto-Emailing Templates and CSV Exports when Shipping a Ship Doc - You can select the template and which status you set it to that makes it activate
10ADDEDNew API End Point for Location - Learn More Here:
11ADDEDNew Role Setting for whether a role can change Document Numbers
12ADDEDNew Company Preference to set a Default Location for Customer Returns
13ADDEDNew Company Preference to Enable or Disable Doc Status Template control
14ADDEDNew Company Preference to Deny Components being added on a Work Order that are not part of the Bill of Materials
15ADDEDAdded Payments as a section you can set Alerts for - You can get an Alert on Payment Creation, Edits, or Deletion. You can also set it to send you an email on every Payment created.
16ADDEDBatch Printing for All Labels
17ADDEDThe ability to see Linked Documents line by line on a Customer Return Form Template
18ADDEDNew Preference - By default use the Customer's Primary Contact for new Sales Orders
19ADDEDYou can now search by Custom Fields within the new Inventory Status by Location List
20ADDEDCan Make has been added to the API which can be seen when Getting the Inventory Status by Location
21ADDEDNew Inventory Preference - Can Make quantities should calculate based on Net Available instead of Available
22ADDEDThe Auto Complete drop-down from the Search box on Lists will now take into account the current Filters on that List
23ADDEDDe-Allocate Button added to Work Orders (by changing the status back to Waiting)
24ADDEDNew Shipping Preference - When auto filling, skip items with lot/serial # tracking - Auto-filling the Quantity on a Ship Doc from a Sales Order will skip Lotted or Serialized Items
25ADDEDNow able to update the Customer and Billing Info in the Ship Doc in the same manner you can on the Sales Order
26ADDEDCustom Fields can now be created for Bins
27ADDEDYou can now Import Receiver Line Items
28ADDEDSales Rep can be set per Customer Address - When the Ship To changes the Sales Rep will change as well
29ADDEDNew button has been added to Work Orders called Reload BOM - This is a quick and easy way to update existing Work Orders after you've made changes to the corresponding Bill of Materials.
30ADDEDB2B Gateway EDI Integration
31ADDEDDefault Form Templates for Customers

1IMPROVEDMajor ShipStation Integration Improvements (Settings Page, Shipping from Transfers, Support for different weight measures and more.)
2IMPROVEDMajor Ecommerce Integration Improvements
  • Ability to Import individual Shopify Orders based on Order Number (Accessed via Ecommerce Integration Portal)
  • Shopify Improvements
  • Magento Improvements
3IMPROVEDUpgraded our Xero Integration to the OAuth2 method of authentication
4IMPROVEDThe EXT field on a Receiver is now editable like how it is on a Purchase Order
5IMPROVEDCreated a new Role Setting to set who can Approve a Purchase Order Limit
6IMPROVEDWhen creating a Customer it now also creates an initial Contact. This helps better facilitate the Email features of Order Time's CRM.
7IMPROVEDBill of Materials Report now has Item Status as a joinable table so you can print a Bill of Materials that shows all the Steps and their Components
8IMPROVEDNew ability to flag individual Sales Order or Ship Doc Line Items for Drop Ship - Column is called 'Is Drop Ship'
9IMPROVEDCustomer or Vendor Name will be added to the Journal Entry Line Item
10IMPROVEDFor Bin Transfers, the To Bin can now be selected when choosing to Move the Entire Bin
11IMPROVEDAdded the ability to Select Required in a Reorder Analysis
12IMPROVEDAdded Deficiency as an available filter to the Inventory by Location List
13IMPROVEDNew button within a Count that reloads it and changes the quantity to what's actually in inventory and removes anything that's not in inventory - When the Count is set to Approved the button disappears.
14IMPROVEDItems attachments are now available to send in Emails
15IMPROVEDRestriction has been removed and you can now edit Adjustments that came from Counts
16IMPROVEDAdded the ability to change the Vendor on a Purchase Order, similar to changing the Customer on a Sales Order
17IMPROVEDPurchase Order is marked as Sent when Emailed
18IMPROVEDIf a Receiver is set to Received or Closed but there are still Open Quantities, this will now prompt a confirmation warning
19IMPROVEDYou can now set a Sales Order or Purchase Order to Closed status as necessary even if it has lines left to fulfill
20IMPROVEDThe Purchasing Tax Code will apply for line items on a Purchase Order rather than the individual Item's Default Tax Code

1FIXEDQuantity in Bins after Disassembly is Negative
2FIXEDUnable to update a Purchase Order Line Item Description Via Import
3FIXEDFixed a display issue with Item Markup price levels
4FIXEDStyle without individual SKUs not showing on count and cannot be added to an adjustment
5FIXEDIssue with drill down not operating correctly when changing Promise Dates
6FIXEDResolved an issue where users cannot send emails from Order Time
7FIXEDDocumentation for the Location API Endpoint has been updated
8FIXEDIssue where changing the price on a Bill of Materials was giving an error
9FIXEDFixed an issue where you could do a Vendor Return on an Item with no Inventory
10FIXEDFix to Customer Returns - Avoid Duplicates when adding to a Ship Doc
11FIXEDManually clearing lines on a Sales Order wasn't also marking the "manually cleared" box. This fix has also been applied to Purchase Orders.
12FIXEDCreate PDF drop down generating wrong form template PDF
13FIXEDFixed an issue changing the status on the Transfer List
14FIXEDIssue where Vendor Returns were creating negative inventory even with Allow Negative Inventory turned off
15FIXEDIssue where Transfers were exporting as blank CSV files
16FIXEDFix for Reorder Analysis for Required quantities
17FIXEDFixed an issue where Start and End dates on Price Levels were changing after you save
18FIXEDMade sure Classes on Work Orders are posting to QuickBooks Online - Also, if users set a class at the header level of a Work Order instead of the components, it should pass that class to QBO
19FIXEDFixed an issue where two users could each click to start a New Adjustment and both would be assigned the same Document Number
20FIXEDMade sure the Valuation during a Disassembly without Lot & Serial Number is more accurate
21FIXEDItem Category Import problems have been resolved
22FIXEDThe Linked Quantity from a Sales Order can be used properly on Ship Doc Reports
23FIXEDThe Date Picker will now work properly when your browser is set to English (Canada)
24FIXEDRestarting a Disassembly was not properly resetting the values
25FIXEDFiltering / Sorting by a Status and then searching by that same Status was causing an error when clearing the Filter
26FIXEDFixed an error causing Label Images not to display in the designer
27FIXEDResolved an issue where the standard Finished Good Report was showing the Component Quantity
28FIXEDPreference for the Location Filter added to Ecommerce Integrations
29FIXEDFixed an error when deleting an Adjustment line item
30FIXEDResolved an issue where Can Make wasn't taking into account the Available Quantities from a Sub-Assembly
31FIXEDIssue involving an error while Adding Attachments
32FIXEDDisplay issue stretching the proportions of the Signature Capture field on certain devices
33FIXEDSmoothed out the experience of the Drill Down on a Reorder Analysis during particular scenarios
34FIXEDDisplay error where the Percent Custom Field was showing as a decimal
35FIXEDFixed an issue where importing new data wasn't updating Calculated Fields that are related to the updated fields
36FIXEDShipping Methods in Order Time can not be edited if you use QuickBooks Desktop, but when users made them inactive in QuickBooks the change wasn't reflected properly in Order Time. We have changed how this syncs to reflect the currently Active Shipping Methods properly.
37FIXEDSolved a unique issue where Nested sections within a Report weren't showing headers if all the data in the column for the specified dates was the same value
38FIXEDFixed a delay between when you Enable Multiple Units of Measure and the link for UOM Sets appears on Profile Lists
39FIXEDJavaScript error that happened when applying a credit from a Sales Order
40FIXEDFixed an issue where Custom Fields that output information of a certain length were too long and causing errors
41FIXEDResolved an error where the system wasn't recognizing when users uncheck and remove certain shipping carriers
42FIXEDFixed an issue causing Adding an Adjustment Line not to load