Version 1.0.27

Version 1.0.27 Released March 31, 2020 - Known issues fixed, improvements and new features added as follows:

Note: Some of these changes were implemented as Hot Fixes during the development cycle. They were fixed on separate dates, but weren't published until the official release.

1ADDEDOrder Time B2B Portal - Add-on for businesses to sell goods directly from a personalized web store attached to Order Time.
2ADDEDBulk Import Item Images
3ADDEDNew Company Preference > Items - Allow style variants to be added to orders individually.
4ADDEDNew Company Preference > Items - Allow style variants to be edited individually.
5ADDEDAbility to sort the Items in a transaction (Sales Order, Ship Doc, etc.)
6ADDEDYou can create custom fields at the Item Vendor level so that each Vendor can have a different page for the same product
7ADDEDAbility to add multiple company logos and images.   You can use those images on label templates and form templates. 
8ADDEDAbility to Scan the Serial Number on a Work Order, just like a Receiver
9ADDEDAbility to change Price or Cost Ext on a Sales Order or Purchase Order
10ADDEDPreference for BOM Batch Quantity
11ADDEDPreference Work Order Batch Quantity
12ADDEDPromise Dates have been added to the Sales Order Grouping Report
13ADDEDYou can now  add Customer on an Adjustment
14ADDEDImport for Lot or Serial Numbers
15ADDEDThe ability to import Custom Fields for Lot / Serial Numbers
16ADDEDImplemented the Part Of field for Work Order Components
17ADDEDPreference to include Service and Non-Inventory Items to a Reorder Analysis
18ADDEDCreated a preference to ignore FIFO (first in first out) and always deduct the Inventory from the Default Bin first
19ADDEDPreference for currency symbol next to amounts on Forms
20ADDEDThe ability to Auto Number on serial Numbers for large quantities
21ADDEDAdded a Nested - Indented BOM View
22ADDEDExpanded the Decimal Points preferences under your Company Preferences. You can set it for Quantity, Cost, Price, Purchase Cost, Purchase Quantity, Sales Quantity and Weight/Volume.
23ADDEDThe ability to move Bill of Materials Component Line Items and Step Line Items
24ADDEDIncluded the Kit Item Link on the Sales Order Report
25ADDEDTotal Price Field for Sales Order or Purchase Order instead of the Price Per field (For businesses with Items of fractional value out to 5 or 6 decimal places)
26ADDEDProduction Orders to Work Order Report
27IMPROVEDImage Overhaul - Images are cached so that they don't pull on every page view. They will be quicker to load.
28IMPROVEDAdd Images to the API (web resources only)
29IMPROVEDAll Mobile Preferences for All Orders Mobile and Order Time Mobile have been consolidated into their own area in the Company Preferences
30IMPROVEDItem > Variations - Make a Style Inactive
31IMPROVEDItem > Variations - Associate a Variation with an Item
32IMPROVEDItem > Variations - Delete a Variation and Replace
33IMPROVEDSorting on Work Order Line Items
34IMPROVEDSorting on Form Templates
35IMPROVEDThe totaling for Can Make on Multi-Level BoMs
36IMPROVEDThe totaling for Can Make on Kits
37IMPROVEDIf a calculated custom field is a quantity/price/cost/amount, it has been formatted accordingly on the form print outs
38IMPROVEDFor the Price List drop-down we include Current Customer Price Levels if the third preference under Company Prefs > Sales > Advanced is checked
39IMPROVEDYou can add the Customer Job drop-down to the Page Layout for the Adjustment Editor, and the selection will update back to QuickBooks
40IMPROVEDEnabled Text Compression for improved system speed
41IMPROVEDIf you have the same Bin Names in multiple locations, it should no longer give you importing errors stating "The bin is not in the count location" as long as you include the Bin ID in the import
42IMPROVEDThe QuickBooks Desktop sync tool should send back errors if it finds an invoice/bill with a matching Ref # already existing in QB instead of creating a duplicate
43IMPROVEDThe Ship Doc Template with Lot & Serial should now properly show all Kit Selections
44IMPROVEDModified the Rounding Extension on Documents. Sometimes the total was off by a penny, fixed on PO, Receiver, Ship Doc, Sales Order, Quote, Returns.
45IMPROVEDModified Quantity values so that the system will show the quantity only down to the last non-zero number, just like QuickBooks does. (5.5 vs 5.500)
46IMPROVEDImproved the messaging for expired trials and subscriptions for Admins and regular Users
47IMPROVEDMade it so that Items are deleted from the Sync Queue if they are deleted from the system to prevent errors
48IMPROVEDNow allowing attachments with a size of up to 5MB (Up from previous max of 4MB)
49IMPROVEDThe ability to show the Sales Order Discount Percentage on a Ship Doc Line Item. This is for display on the Invoice.
50IMPROVEDThe Steps drop-down on the Bill of Materials has been alphabetized
51IMPROVEDThe Inventory Status table can now be added to a Bill of Materials Report
52IMPROVEDThe Payments table can now be added to Ship Doc Source Reports. This includes a new calculation for Pay Date (Days to Pay)
53IMPROVEDAdded Customer Part Number to the Accounting Integration Invoice Item Mapping
54IMPROVEDQuickBooks Online: Made it so that when a Ship Doc is moved to Shipped Status and the Invoice is created, automatically check the Email or Print Later box
55FIXEDKit Price Levels - Import for Customer Item Price - With Columns Item / Price Level Name / New Price
56FIXEDWhen a custom field was null it didn't filter properly on lists and reports.
57FIXEDWhen a custom field was null it didn't print or export properly
58FIXEDCleaned up Invoice Posting to QuickBooks
59FIXEDFixed rounding errors on Bill of Materials Components due to fractional differences
60FIXEDFixed Payments where the Ship Doc has not synced in QuickBooks
61FIXEDFixed an error where customers were unable to add items in a Sales Order to an existing Work Order
62FIXEDFixed an issue when applying a payment onto an account without allocating it to a transaction
63FIXEDFixed the roll up to the adjustment line for Inventory and Valuations
64FIXEDFixed an error where adding an adjustment of (-1) was producing a (+1) in Inventory
65FIXEDFixed an issue where Filled and Open Quantities on a Receiver Line Item would appear incorrect until saved
66FIXEDFixed a Unit of Measure issue where conversions for Shipped As quantities weren't coming out right due to Kit Selections
67FIXEDFixed an issue that was causing repeating labels to stop repeating
68FIXEDFixed an issue where the print template was reflecting the line view
69FIXEDFixed an issue where disassemblies for items in bins weren't completing correctly
70FIXEDAlerts weren't running when a document status was set to closed
71FIXEDFixed an issue with Importing Lot Number Tracking
72FIXEDWhen custom field mapping is removed from the accounting integration it removes the custom fields from the whole system
73FIXEDFixed sorting on the Taxable Amount column in the Ship Doc list
74FIXEDFixed calculations for the Check Credit system
75FIXEDFixed an issue where cloning a Sales Order wasn't cloning the Custom Fields
76FIXEDFixed an issue where Canadian Tax Codes assigned on an item would override a Customer Tax Rate when being sold between Provinces
77FIXEDFixed a display issue with the Transfer template where the "From Bin" and the "To Bin" was only showing data from the "From Bin" field
78FIXEDFixed an issue where certain Alerts attached to Sales Orders weren't firing when a Quote was converted into a Sales Order
79FIXEDFixed an issue where standard across-the-board discounts weren't being carried over into Sales Orders automatically
80FIXED Purchasing where the Reorder Point wasn't converting during sync"}">Fixed a QuickBooks error in Item > Purchasing where the Reorder Point wasn't converting during sync
81FIXEDFixed an issue where Split Work Order wasn't Splitting the Dependency on Components correctly
82FIXEDFixed an Inventory discrepancy which would occur when doing a Bin Move from 2 Bins to 1 Bin
83FIXEDFixed an issue where Payments for partially shipped orders were not being applied to Ship Docs
84FIXEDFixed an error where Payment Mapping was being dropped inadvertently when loading/saving the mappings
85FIXEDFixed an issue where Voided transactions weren't setting the quantities to zero and adjusting the Inventory
86FIXEDFixed an issue where Reorder Analysis was recommending to purchase the Deficiency amount rather than the Reorder Amount before the Reorder Point was hit
87FIXEDFixed an error with Sales Rep syncing not working properly
88FIXEDFixed an error when a Vendor had no Purchase Orders, all Purchase Orders were showing
89FIXEDFixed an error when sorting the Inventory List by a Custom Field and then Exporting
90FIXEDFixed an error when creating a new Ship Doc, it wasn't picking up the Address location
91FIXEDFixed an error where unchecking the Lot / Serial # box wouldn't set it as False
92FIXEDFixed an issue where Address Custom Fields weren't transferring over if they weren't the Primary Address or when the Ship Doc Address was changed
93FIXEDFixed an error where changing the Item Cost Type - Item Group did not update the Std Cost
94FIXEDFixed an issue where the Bin drop-down would stay open when closing the form for adding an Item to a Count
95FIXEDFixed an error where voided Ship Docs were changed to Closed Status on Syncs
96FIXEDFixed an error where Ship Docs wouldn't stay Voided
97FIXEDFixed an error when creating a Work Order from the Dependency tab of another Work Order, users were getting incorrectly redirected
98FIXEDFixed an issue where changing the configuration on the edit Bill of Materials screen itself was changing the pricing for the overall item. This is how it should work on an Order, just not on the BoM editor.
99FIXEDFixed an error causing repeating labels to be missing properties
100FIXEDFixed an error that allowed negative inventory if the source transaction was deleted
101FIXEDFixed an issue where it was possible to ship a finished good that was in Production
102FIXEDFixed an error where GBP Currency wouldn't show on any Forms
103FIXEDFixed an issue where re-importing line items in an assembly after moving the line item order would cause errors