Accounting Sync Queue

The Sync Queue holds Pending Syncs Requests which are a reference to records that will be synchronized. You can filter and sort the Sync Queue like any other list in Order Time. When a new Sync Job is created, the records in the Sync Queue will be added to that Sync Job and at that point they are locked.

You can delete a Pending Sync Request in a number of ways:


Pending Sync Requests for entities like items and customers can only be removed by either  -

  • Deleting the record
  • By editing the record and adding a Proxy.   This can only be done is the record has never been synced. 


Pending Sync Requests for transactions like ship docs and receivers can removed by either

  • Delete the record
  • While on the details page click the Accounting Integration icon next to the Summary. Using this you can undo the sync or prevent the transaction from syncing altogether. 

You can not reverse a Pending Sync Request that is To Be Deleted. You would have to re-create the record in Order Time. 

You also cannot undo a sync for a Payment transaction. The payment can be deleted however if it has not been processed by a gateway.