General Preferences

General Tab

The General Section allows you to modify the following:

  • How many places you would like Decimal Points to display (you have the option of setting it for Quantity, Cost, Price, and Percentage)
  • If you would like to enable Foreign Currency.
  • If you would like to include the current month in "Trailing Twelve Months" filter.
  • Ignore security settings:  Check to prevent a ' to be added to a cell when exporting lists or reports
  • Display Floor/Suite as a separate line - by default it shows on the same line as the street.
  • Hide inactive records when preforming searches
  • Disable the unapproved watermark when creating from PDFs
  • Show Currency symbol on print outs
  • Enable Form Templates with Doc Status control (Also allows Default controls)
  • Turn off import email notifications
  • Enable Web Hook

Advanced Tab

  • Turn off autocomplete hover selection
    • Checking this will disable Order Time from autocompleting your search field when hovering over a list option
  • Clear custom field data when duplicating a document
    • When checked, Order Time will clear the contents of all custom fields when cloning documents
  • Period Closed Date
    • Entering a date here will mean that Order Time will prevent edits and deletions for transactions that posted before that date

Click Save when done.