Mapping custom Fields with QBO


How to sync the custom field data from Order Time to QuickBooks Online using the Accounting Integration Configurator. 


To get the data from the custom fields to sync into QuickBooks Online Order Time will need a place to put that data. In QuickBooks Online you have to create custom fields. When creating the custom field the type must be set to "Transaction". 

A custom field will be available for mapping only if:

  1. It is the first 3 String-based custom field configured in QuickBooks Online Advanced.
  2. It is enabled to all Sales forms (such as Sales Receipt, Invoice, Estimate, Credit Memo, Refund Receipt) or all Purchase forms.   

If you have any fields that are still not mapping properly, check out this article for more info.

After the Custom Fields are set up in both Order Time and QuickBooks they must be mapped in the Accounting Integration configuration.


There is a limit to 3 custom fields that can be mapped to QuickBooks Online. If you have more than 3 custom fields in QuickBooks Online and are trying to sync the custom fields you will need to contact the Order Time support team at: