Fill Line Item

Fill Line Item Object

Fill Line Item is a line on an Adjustment, Ship Doc, Customer Return, Receiver or Vendor Returns as well as a component on Work Orders or Disassemblies. 

End Point



GET request expect three paramaters of type Int32 as follows

  • recordType (either 7 or 13)
  • docNo
  • lineId

DELETE requests expect parameter id of type Int32.


PropertyCaptionData TypeRequiredRead Only
$typeThis property MUST be included to tell the API what type of item is being added.
The value should be either  "AOLib7.ShipDocLineItem, AOLib7" OR
"AOLib7.ReceiverLineItem, AOLib7" OR "AOLib7.AdjustmentLineItem, AOLib7" OR
"AOLib7.WorkOrderComponent, AOLib7"
TranTypeTran TypeRecordTypeEnumYesYes
DocNoDoc No.Int32YesYes
LineNoLine NoInt16FalseTrue
DescriptionDescriptionString (4000)FalseFalse
LineInstructionsLine InstructionsString (4000)FalseFalse
SalesTaxCodeRefTax CodeEntityRefFalseFalse
UomConversionRateUOM Conversion RateDecimalFalseFalse
StdCostStd. CostDecimalFalseTrue
StdPriceStd. PriceDecimalFalseTrue
CustomerPartNoCustomer Part NoString (50)FalseFalse
CustomFieldsCustom FieldsArray of CustomFieldDataFalseFalse
DetailsLine Item DetailsArray of FillBinBaseFalseFalse
The LinkedInfo property of type LinkedLineItemInfo is the way in which you link a sales order or purchase order line item to a fill line item.  The PromiseDate property is also included to account for orders that have multiple Promise Dates.    
PropertyCaptionData Type
TranTypeTran TypeRecordTypeEnum
DocNoDoc NoInt32
LineNoLine NoInt16
PromiseDatePromise DateDateTime

Properties - Details

The Details node is comprised of Line Item Details.   If you have used the Form Designer,  you know that you can add details to show the Bins and Lot or Serial No data for inventoried items.   Only inventoried items comprising of Part and Assembly items need Details.   Details for non-inventoried items will be ignored.     You only need to include Details if you want to specifically identify the bins and / or lot and serial numbers being included,  otherwise you can omit the Details section and Order Time use the Quantity property in the Fill Line Item.  

Line Item Details are comprised of an Array of FillBinBase.     FillBinBase can morph into either FillBin or DocFillLotOrSerial.  DocFillLotOrSerial is used when the item has TrackLotOrSerial set to true and FillBin is used otherwise. 

PropertyCaptionData TypeRequiredRead OnlyApplied to
$typeThis property MUST be included to tell the API what type of Detail is being added.
The value should be "AOLib7.FillBin, AOLib7" or "AOLib7.DocFillLotOrSerial, AOLib7"
LotOrSerialNoLot Or Serial NoString (50)TrueFalseDocFillLotOrSerial
ExpirationDateExpiration DateDateTimeTrueFalseDocFillLotOrSerial
DescriptionDescriptionString (4000)FalseFalseDocFillLotOrSerial
WarrantyDaysWarranty DaysInt32FalseFalseDocFillLotOrSerial
CustomFieldsCustom FieldsArray of CustomFieldDataFalseFalseDocFillLotOrSerial

Json Sample

            "$type": "AOLib7.ShipDocLineItem, AOLib7",
            "TranType": 4,
            "DocNo": 798
            "ItemRef": {
                "Id": 30
            "LineNo": 1,
            "Quantity": 2,
            "LinkedInfo": {
                "LineNo": 1,
                "PromiseDate": "2018-11-14T00:00:00",
                "DocNo": 18,
                "TranType": 7
            "Details": [
                    "$type": "AOLib7.FillBin, AOLib7",
		    "ItemRef": {
			"Id": 30
                    "BinRef": {
                        "Id": 8,
                        "Name": "Floor"
                    "Quantity": 2
            "CustomFields": []


1.   PUT end point cannot be used to change quanties.