Adding Price Levels


Understanding the different types of price levels will aid you in your pricing initiatives. The Price Level profile list will allow you to set up the following price level strategies:

  • Set up volume discounts so that customers can get a price break by buying in greater quantity.
  • Give a special discount to a particular Customer Type.
  • Temporarily adjust pricing in response to market conditions (e.g. a brief markup due to product scarcity).
  • Do special time-intensive promotions on products or groups of products.
  • Set prices for a specific currency.
  • Set add-on prices, allowing your customers to purchase accessories or related items for a discount as part of a kit.

Adding a Price Level

To access the Price Level screen, click on the Gear icon to the top right of the home screen.  Select Profile List under General. In the Sales section, select Price Levels

  • Enter a name for your pricing strategy.
  • Select the TypeRef from the drop-down list.
    • Based on the TypeRef chosen, you will need to set up timing (beginning/end for your pricing strategy), select items affected, adjust standard price or cost, add a new price.

On the screen below, you can add items to your pricing strategy and adjust them accordingly. 

  • Let's say that you want an item number price to be lower or higher from its current Standard Price or Standard Cost. The system will allow you to select the items, adjust the percentage price or cost. 
  • Enter an item.
    • Once the item has been selected, it will be listed.
    • Enter as many items as needed. 
    • To adjust the price, mark each of the items.
    • Locate "Adjust price of marked items to be" at the bottom of the screen to adjust the price 
    • Once the options have been selected, click on Adjust. 
  • If you need to add multiple items at one time, click on the +Add Multiple Items icon.
    • Once you have selected the +Add Multiple Items icon, a pop-up window will appear.
    • You can filter your Items by Group, Vendor, Class, and Manufacturer.
    • When you select Group, a listing of the group will appear.  Click on Add.
    • Upon selecting a group, the whole listing of items will appear and you will be able to change the pricing strategy for all the items selected.

  • You also have the option to add a new price for the chosen items. 

The Assign Start/End Dates function allows you to have a beginning and end to your pricing strategy. For those companies marketing a promotional period for a variety of items, this function can help them complete this task. Just click on the "Assign Start/End Date" check mark and enter the dates in the fields.

  • Click on Save when completed.