Import Your Opening Inventory - Ultimate Guide

Order Time is a data driven application, the first thing is to get data into Order Time Inventory. Data includes things like customers, vendors and items.

There are 3 ways to get data into Order Time:

  • Enter It Manually
  • Import Via .CSV file
  • Pull From Your Accounting Integration

Pulling from your Accounting Integration

>> Accounting Integration Settings

Importing via CSV File

>> Importing Video Guide
>> Preparing the Import File
>> Importing
>> Sample Import Templates (ZIP)
           ◘ Count Item Import CSV
           ◘ Customer Import CSV
           ◘ Item Import CSV
           ◘ Item Vendor Import CSV
           ◘ Vendor Import CSV

Manual Record Entry

>> Adding an Item
>> Adding a Customer
>> Adding a Vendor

Learn More About Lists

>> What are Lists in Order Time?
A Full List provides direct access to your records such as Sales Orders, Customers, Vendors, Purchase Orders, Quotes, etc. The Full List drop down menu is available by opening the side menu.

Learn More About Profile Lists

>> What are Profile Lists in Order Time?
These complimentary lists are used by transactions and other record types. Make sure to setup all of your pertinent information to save you time later on when you start to create transactions in the system.