Company Preferences - Shipping


Under shipping company preference, you will be able to manage shipping options and setting up UCC-128 codes (unique shipper identifier).

The Shipping Preferences are divided into two tabs: General and Packages

Under the General tab you can set the following Shipping Preferences:

  • Automatically set the Quantity when creating a Ship Doc from a Sales Order.  Leave unchecked to manually set the Quantity.
    • When Auto Filling, skip items with lot/serial # tracking
  • Deny shipping quantities greater than ordered. 
  • Once shipped, line items with 0 quantity shipped should remain on the ship doc.
  • Default Location for Customer Returns
  • When creating a return, use the customers ship to adress instead of the return location

When creating Ship Docs from a sales order:

  • Prevent a user from printing twice when the Ship Doc is already marked as printed. (Hint: create a Role exception for Printed so certain users cannot check the box)
  • Transfer shipping charges to the first ship doc only from a sales order.
  • Add Open Sales Order Items to Ship Docs
  • Use the posting date (date shipped) instead of the Ship Doc's date when updating the Sales Order's Date Shipped field.

Under the Packages tab you will have the option to trace your packages by using UCC-128 codes. 

  • Enter your extension digit for generating UCC-128 code.
  • Enter your company prefix for generating UCC-128 code. Note: Company code is provided by the UCC organization. 

Click Save when done.

The UCC-128 (GS1-128) label is a critical piece of the EDI puzzle. The labels can be applied to both pallet shipments and individual cartons. Each label has information about the origin, destination, and contents of the shipment.