Receiver Charges


In Order Time you can add Charges to your Receivers. This allows you to account for Shipping Charges, Insurance, Duty and any other charges that may be associated with Receiving the Items and increase the costs associated with those Items.  

How To:

The word Charges in the summary is a hyper link. Selecting the Word opens a pop-up box that allows you to enter the additions charges for the fields of Shipping, Insurance, Duty or Other. 

Order Time will divide the total Charges by percentage to increase the Cost (Value) of the Items on this receiver by the percentation of Allocation you set up in your Company Preferences. 

Order Time WILL NOT post the individual lines of the Charges into QuickBooks. The Charges increase the Cost and Value Amount of the Items on the Receiver. Which in turn will post to QuickBooks the same way so that they are matching.