500 Server Error - Your request cannot be processed due to a critical error. Please contact support.


There are occasions when you may encounter a “500 Server Error” message. The message appears like this: 

A computer error message 
Description automatically generated

Why does it occur?

This is an issue with the AWS load balancer that we are currently investigating. 

Common ways to get around it

  • Solution 1
    • Simply hit the back button on your web browser and then try to do what you were doing once again. 
    • Hitting the back button will return you to a fresh server.
  • Solution 2
    • Click the Order Time Logo in the top-left
    • This will send you back to the login page
    • Re-login and return to the page you were on
  • Solution 3
    • Log out of Order Time (if not logged out already)
    • Close your browser
    • Reopen your browser
    • Log back into Order Time

You may need to repeat the above a few times.   Once you are in your file, you will not get the error.  We apologize for the inconvenience and we are actively seeking a resolutions. 

If the above did not solve the issue,  please see the other solutions.